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Why Blog Posts are Important

Content Marketing is Vital

You’ve probably heard, several times, that content marketing has been vital for startup growth in the past few years. But what exactly is content marketing? In short, it’s creating and promoting valuable digital content to attract and convert your target audience into customers. Blogging is one very important piece of a successful content marketing strategy. For a much more in-depth guide on how to write an article for a blog, please visit

Your blog article should be the main point on your landing page because this article gives you the opportunity to tell readers about your product or service(s) in your own words. You can use strategic keywords to help search engines find you easier so more people can read your article, too. Although SEO isn’t a major factor in a blog article, it does give you an advantage when searching certain key factors in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

With a blog article on your landing page, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field.  By writing article content that is targeted to your customers’ needs and interests, you will appear as though you are speaking directly to them. They may start to feel as if they know you more personally than just from seeing your brand name on your products or advertisements.  They may also start to trust what you have to say about certain topics because of this personal connection with your brand / company / product(s).

This article should be the first article visitors read when arriving at their destination on your website (landing page). It’s important because it’s what will determine whether someone decides to read your article or not.  The article content needs to be valuable, entertaining, and/or helpful in some way so they want to read more.

Excellent Promotion Opportunity

By writing article content for your website (landing page), you are essentially telling the world what kind of product(s) or service(s) you have to offer. Usually, other websites will link back to a blog article on a landing page because it’s good information people might need or want to read later.  You will therefore start to get traffic from outside sources who were referred by other online users interested in reading your article content as well!

This article gives readers an idea of how long it takes for someone to write a quality article just from experience.

Not only will article content on your landing page help you drive more traffic to your website, it can also help you rank higher in search engine results.  This article explains how article marketing works and why article marketing is important. This article should be placed where article content can easily be found by readers on your website (landing page). People who find articles on the topic of their interest may want to read other articles on your website, so they’ll keep coming back for more!

Article content will give people an idea of what kind of schedule and/or frequency there is for new article posts and updates. This blog post calls into question the need for blog posts vs just using social media or some other digital platform.

Engage Your Audience

Content marketing requires a lot of article content that isn’t just informative but also entertaining and/or engaging.  If your article content doesn’t catch a reader’s attention, they will more than likely leave the website (landing page). This article should be placed where it is easily accessible from any article content on your website so interested readers can read it before deciding to stay or go. There are many articles about how to write great article content!

In Conclusion

Article content will give potential customers information about how long each blog post typically is.  This blog post suggests breaking up longer posts into smaller sections for easier reading and comprehension.

Good luck!

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