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Top 4 Digital Advertising Trends of 2021

Most of the population in 2021 is spending most of their time on social media or other internet-based platforms. This raises chances for digital marketers to advertise their products or services to people. Digital marketing helps in effectively targeting the right audience and giving a better experience to the users. So, for that today, we are going to talk about the best Trends of Digital Advertisement of 2021:

Marketing through Omni-channel technique:

The uprising in the presence of several tools has led consumers to change their way of buying. At first, the internet was considered as a one-stop solution to all the needs of humans. But now people use it to interact with business in different ways.

This shift has created the new marketing form of being “omnichannel”. This is meant to provide a top-notch experience in every channel. And according to advertising statistics, 62% of business companies prefer an omnichannel marketing strategy. Besides, 70% of businesses believe that the use of omnichannel strategies is vital for a company’s success.

Taking the example of Disney, they make their users book tickets from their website; then, they let the users make use of the tool called “My Disney Experience”, which systematically delivers plans. It provides information about restaurants, parks, other attractions, etc., right to a mobile device.

Therefore, this transition from desktops to mobile or other platforms is what brands or digital marketing experts are implementing these days.

Google AMP

The lower loading speed of the web pages always results in the distasteful experience of the customers. And in the USA, some retails sites used to take near about 6 seconds to load, which is enough to displease a person. Statistics also concluded that this resulted in $500 billion of losses in the industry of e-commerce. Thus, to counter that, Google introduced AMP for advertisements and landing pages.

This lets the creator create lightweight pages which load very faster; the AMP has an HTML version that also offers custom tags, it also offers a lighter version of JavaScript. And finally, with the Content Delivery Network, which lets users making a store of a cached version to get faster loading speeds.

Therefore, if built correctly, they deliver faster loading speeds. And with recent updates from AMP, it is more focused on optimizing the static contents. Which also means faster ad loading speed.

More landing pages based of post-click

Post clicks landing pages are an ideal tool for marketing, and that is what most stats prove. Marketers are utilizing the power of whitepapers and eBooks. Landing pages based on post-click are the section where brands take full advantage of extracting the user’s name, email, and other data in return for something valuable. These elements are highly persuasive, like a benefit-oriented copy for convincing users to make conversions. These are also considered as squeeze pages, which help you to take the user into the conversion section, which helps in sales.

Even with statistics proving that brands that get more than 40 post-click landing pages generate 12x more leads. This helps the brands in capturing leads and knowing more about the prospect. Post clicks landing pages are surely the most powerful weapon that a website can maneuver to get better leads.


The growth of messenger applications is on the rise, and that is evident through several types of research. Taking advantage of this chatbot can also be a valuable tool in your Digital Marketing tactics. This will not only help in amplifying the sales of the brands but also helps in interpersonal engagement with the prospect. Messenger applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger are the leaders in this framework. Even companies are incorporating the usage of customer service agents as chatbots so that communication becomes easier for both ends.

Chatbots can help you in fixing an appointment or booking orders, etc. This rise of usage of messaging platforms will ensure that most brands can personally text and offer their products to each user. And according to Facebook’s new algorithm, sending promotional content is a lot more helpful these days and will be a valuable part of the overall marketing strategy.


Thus, here are the topmost trends that every digital marketing agency will be aiming to follow. These trends trend only because of the potential they hold or the performance they have achieved.

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