Websites to receive SMS online in 2022

In a communication medium, the text message has a very much vital role. It will help us to exchange information about anything among all people. Sometimes it makes a big problem when you are so much busy in your work and have little distance from your mobile. That time “access text from your computer” plays an essential role. Also, some time for commercial use, we need to use a computer for sending text messages to our senders in a bulk. In this article, I will clear your topic “How to receive SMS on PC without phone number”.

Receive SMS on PC without Cell Phone

So it’s very much important to know or learn about the Desktop text or how can receive the text from Desktop or PC. Also in the market, there are many methods available to easily do this, but I prefer these I discuss below.

How to receive SMS on PC without a phone with SMS-man

SMS-man is a most interesting website for SMS. With the help of SMS-man, you can easily get SMS on your computer from your PC or phone without SIM-cards and cell number. With you can receive SMS messages for and sites and applications, like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram also.

Don’t forget to comment below after using this software what about you feel. If you select this website to SMS activate, you can work better with its fully managed features. It’s also not unstable like other ones only for that reason I recommend this as one of the best site to receive SMS online. For more, click here to see their official SMS-man blog.

Solve — How to receive SMS on PC without a mobile phone?

Now I will tell you some websites name, where you can easily send or receive SMS or phone call without a mobile device and without your own real phone number. Also, you do not need to install any app on your phone to send SMS messages.


It’s a popular platform to send SMS through Desktop without any Mobile and also without any number. If you interested in it, so you can try their trial version.  A phone number will provide you by Twilio to receive the verification code in your free trial account. But you can use any phone number of any brands (not depends on) for receiving the verification code from Twilo to activate “Twilo Trial Account”.

In the trial version, you have to verify all the numbers you want to send SMS because without the verified number you can’t send then SMS in this trial version. But you can receive the SMS in your free phone number which is given by Twilio, just log in and click on the menu on the top sidebar and select the “MESSAGES”. That’s it, pretty easy.


In this website, you can find mobile numbers to receive SMS online for free also without registration. When a number display just selects the number from the list and click on it to begin.


Is another better option for you if you’re searching for a free phone number where you only want to receive the SMS from other for your business purpose. Because when you sign up in TextNow, you get a phone number free for used to receive the text messages. But many people facing problem to access it, so I want to advise to use a VPN when you use it.

It is also very simple to use. Open the website, and you can see the list of numbers on the webpage. Just select a number from the list and start work.

Also, there are many platforms available on the internet through which you can claim your work. If I started to explain the entire platform, then it could very much longer.

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