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Problems we can solve in order to have better relationships

There is always something we can improve in our life. Sometimes it is heavier to improve or fix the problems we have in our personal life than other problems. If there is a problem in our family or with our partner, things can be a bit complicated. We care about our family and how they see us or how they think of us. 

Usually the hardest problems we want to solve are those regarding our partner, either it is a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife relation. In a relationship with our partner we often forget to think about the other side, how the other side feel or what would they want, or what they think. It is due to the fact that we are either stubborn, selfish, used to it or we are so used to being with the partner, that we tend to think that they want the same as we. Or we even go in opposite direction and we tend to put partner always on the first place and we forget about ourselves, our need, our wishes.

Ofcourse, the best thing is always a golden middle side, or something in between. Perfect scenario is when both partners are aware that for the long term happiness of both, a compromise is the keyword. It becomes even harder when it comes to intimate life or so called bedroom life. There the things are even more complicated, because we tend not to admit that something is not perfect or as it should be and we try to ignore it as long as we can. In most cases we are even selfish enough to not even care about the other side and their needs or wishes. We tend to do what we want and many times we forget on our beloved one, which

is a recipe for disaster and in many cases even break up or divorce.

These are all the things that we can solve, and it is quite easily when we really decide to improve us. But it is almost impossible when we hesitate, when we are stubborn or we think that there is nothing to improve. But there is always a room for improvement on ourself, because we are not perfect, but we should strive to perfection.

As already sad, intimate life is tricky to handle, because it can give you a huge confidence boost or it can even ruin you mentally if you do things wrong. Most of the times women are worried about their looks phisically and are less worried about their performance in bed, which is quite opposite, because men tend to be more worried because of their performance than their looks. Which is more important? Performance in bedroom is probably more important, because it mostly depend on us, which on the other side phisical look is more nature given, but ofcourse there is a room for important. But as we said, men and women in general have different view on what is more important to them.

For men the most important is their confidence of the size of their “pride”, the endurance in bed and of course the stiffness of their “pride”, as for women the most important thing is that they feel that they are beautiful and wanted, that they can trust their intimate partner and that their intimate partner will take care of their needs and not just of his needs. Unfortunately, here are some problems in many cases. Many men has wrong view of how long their pride should be because of the adult movies and most of the men think that it is the only thing that is important in intimate relationship. Women need much more than just long enough size of their man’s pride, but unfortunately men often don’t even care what women want. And many women also make mistake by making their look over important and they tend to think that it is all about their looks. So the often consequence is that theygo to bed either over self-confident that border with narcissism or they lack self-confidence and accept things in bedroom that they shouldn’t and they forget about themselves and their needs.

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It will enable you to lose the pressure in your head of whether you will be able to perform and satisfy your partner and that will give you a much needed confidence. It will also enable you and your intimate partner to fulfill all the wishes you have in bedroom and this will make your relationship even stronger and more bonded.

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