How GPS Trackers can Help Parents to Keep an Eye on their Teenage Kids

Teenagers are explorers who seek out different paths and grab new opportunities. They are often perceived as curious and spend most of their time exploring multiple avenues before settling into adulthood.

However, their curiosity can either benefit them or mark the beginning of their downfall. Getting involved in illegal activities can put them in unwanted situations and break their career. Many parents worry about their teen kids and try to keep them away from unsolicited problems.

But teenagers often fool their parents about their actual whereabouts or quickly sneak out of the house. Parents find it very difficult to monitor their teenage kids and often get stressed if teenagers forget to call back or update them about their check-ins. Earlier, parents didn’t have access to cutting-edge tools or devices that could help them track their kids. Thanks to GPS technology today, parents can know the actual location of teens with just a tap on the phone.

Furthermore, parents’ anxieties increase when teenagers acquire their driver’s licence and the freedom they gain to roam anywhere they want. Distracted driving, speeding, and other concerns have led parents to use GPS technology to regain their composure.

Teenagers don’t fear crashing but fear getting a ticket. Moreover, they feel that nothing can happen to them and get bashed in overconfidence. One of the leading causes of death for teens aged between 15 to 20 is vehicle crashes. 37% of the crashes of 16-year-olds are because of speeding. And if they get a speeding ticket just 20 mph over the limit, parents might bear around a $2,000 increase in insurance premiums.

But with GPS trackers, parents can monitor their teen kids and get rid of unhealthy habits. Nonetheless, teens might feel their parents are invading their privacy by using trackers to monitor each movement. Instead of using a personal GPS tracker, parents can use a vehicle GPS tracker and install it in their kids’ cars.

GPS Technology Offers Real-time Location Details

When teens step out of the house, parents wonder where are they heading? Also, when you ask them too many questions, they feel you’re trying to curb their freedom, and each discussion turns into an argument. But with GPS technology, parents can maintain healthy relations with their teen kids as they get to know where they go. GPS trackers provide real-time vehicle location details, which parents can view on their smartphones.

Even if teens lie about their whereabouts, you know exactly where they were. GPS tracking systems are beneficial for working parents. So, if you and your spouse are busy working or running errands, you can still check on your kids and ensure they’re at the desired destination. Moreover, trackers operate 24/7, giving you location details at any time of the day as well as providing the location history of where they have been.

Set Geofences and Get Alerts When Teens Leave

Geofence is a remarkable feature of GPS trackers. It lets you set a virtual fence around a specific area of your choice on the map. The tracker will notify whenever kids enter or leave the geofenced location. You can put geofences around school, gyms, home, extra classes, etc.

This way, you know the kids are going to school or somewhere else. Even if they go somewhere else, you can track their location in real-time. Thanks to geofence, you can get to know that your kids are quietly stepping out of the house at midnight for a Friday night party.

Monitor your Teenagers’ Driving Behaviour

When teens get their driver’s licence, they’re excited to drive on roads. But sometimes, their excitement can result in terrible losses and accidents. Over the limit speeding is a widespread cause of teen driving accidents. With GPS trackers, you can see where they are driving and check their driving habits. The tracker will send notifications on overspeeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, etc. It will also notify parents when something unusual takes place, such as unwanted stops or route changes.

Parents can question and improve their driving habits by providing extra training or punishing them for their irresponsible behaviour. With Thatcham approved GPS trackers, you can enjoy lower insurance premiums and protect your teen’s car against theft. Thatcham Research is the leading organisation that evaluates vehicle security, repair, and safety standards.

Summing Up

Kids might bristle at the idea of their parents tracking their movements. But parents can use GPS trackers not with the intention of spying but out of love and concern for their children. It gives them a sense of security that they can reach out to them instantly if anything goes wrong. Knowing where they are can enable parents to live without worry and permit their kids to go out and explore life.

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