Best apps for remote workers in 2021

Video conferencing, document sharing, working hours, and task assignments: Many programs have been developed to simplify the use of remote work.

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Find the most useful program when you need to continue working from home to be effective at home (if not more), but also to be able to stay in touch with colleagues and partners. These lists comprise software that you can easily download to your system, Mac, iOS, and android device. These software’s are free to download for free or for a fee (in this case, it contains information).

Amazon Chime for team collaboration

The Amazon platform wanted to develop its own solution for everyone working remotely. Chime is provided as a very interesting collaboration tool for holding meetings (by phone or video), performing screen sharing, as well as enhancing file sharing and collaboration with partners. Distance: Distance.

The app includes instant messaging, persistent chat rooms, custom messaging, and many other options. Compatible with all media, it simplifies the movement of employees and the use of remote work (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets).

VPN for enhanced security

When sharing data online with employees while working remotely, the security of the information sent is an important factor. It’s important to use the VPN app to create a secure network with your employees. A VPN understands that it sets up a safe connection between your system and the remote server you are working on. Therefore, this prevents malicious individuals from spying on or stealing shared data. A third party intercepts not all information that passes through a VPN. As a result, if your job is to share sensitive topics, VPN service can greatly help keep you safe.

To use a VPN, you need to use an IP address when browsing the Internet. Specifically, this means that if you’re at home and using a VPN, no one knows where you are, what you’re looking at, or what you’re downloading. I will. It’s also a way to avoid targeted advertising while browsing. You can also change the IP address using a VPN, so the server cannot record your location. This VPN feature is especially important for unblocking all content that is not available in your country. You can then access all the documents and data in your office while you’re at home.

Zoom for video conferencing

This software is particularly designed for online classes and for video presentations. This software is a good option for small as well as for medium-sized businesses.

Zoom enhances collaboration between teams, remote employees, and participants by offering high-quality video, audio, and screen-sharing features and experiences. This is one of the best preferences for the online meetings.


Since the beginning of the health crisis, many companies and employees have discovered working from home. The above mentioned digital tools are very useful to organize your work from home and improve your efficiency. These tools help you improve team communication, organize external project management, video conferencing, and allow or facilitate file sharing.

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