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Zipper suppliers like as the largest zipper options when it comes to types and colors. There is an extensive diversity of zippers in the market right now and each of them has different functions, uses, and purposes. The classifications are based on the materials, fabrication, styles, and types used. When it comes to the materials used, zippers can also be synthetic or metallic.

Below is a quick overview of the different types of zippers based on the specific materials used:

Coil Zippers

These zippers are made from the continuous monofilament coil instead of individual teeth. A coil zipper is also usually called nylon zipper. Coil zippers’ teeth are extruded nylon strip that sewn on the zipper tape. The coil zippers can be very flexible and you can find them in various gauges and sizes. Coil zippers also have numerous applications ranging from fashion-wear to various types of bags, canvas goods, and tents.

Invisible Zippers

The primary categories of zippers also include the so-called specialty zippers that feature special types of finishes, parts, or construction. There is a special category of zippers called Invisible zippers that have unique mode of use and special construction.

These zippers don’t need fly provision since these are stitched and made in such a way that the hairline seam is the only thing that can be seen from the outside. Invisible zips are mostly used in skirts and dresses for women. These zippers are also available in woven and knitted tapes.

Metal Zippers

Metal zips are the most basic and original zippers first produced. The very first zipper developed during 1917 and 1920 was actually made of metal. The moment the slider slides up in the metal zipper, all the elements become tightly interlocked for the zipper to remain shut.

There are two categories of metal zippers depending on the specific material used and the manufacturing process:

  • Teeth directly die-cast on the tape using zinc metal
  • Teeth formed from either profiled or flat metal wire and made from nickel-free white brass, nickel, aluminum, or brass

Metal zippers are typically made in various finishes, such as antique brass, golden brass, antique silver, silver, gunmetal, and others. These finishes are made possible by the zipper chain’s chemical treatment and matching plating of end stops and sliders.

Metal zippers are generally available in different finishes, but the zipper finishes that are most commonly used include aluminum, brass, black oxidized, and antique brass.

Molded Plastic Zippers

Molded plastic zippers have molded teeth that are individually injected and fused directly on the zipper tape. The high-performance resins that are used for manufacturing molded plastic elements are quite strong that make zippers flexible, durable, and strong.

These zippers are great heavyweight garments and for outerwear or other outdoor applications. The five groups of plastic zippers are CFC zippers, L-type or LFC, woven-in coil, plastic extruded zippers, and plastic molded zippers.

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