Why Should You Plan a Visit to Goa for a Holiday?

Do you think that Covid19 pandemic took a toll on you? Do you feel that you are always working and no relaxing in your life? Well, it is time that you think about some enjoyment and merriment in your life now. You need to take care of your pleasures too. Why not you plan a holiday? Indeed, a vacation to a place like Goa would be perfect. After all, when you can work all around the year and take care of all your responsibilities; it is also your duty to take care of your fun side.

And if you do not have any friend or relative in the area to stay, choose Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa for a luxurious stay. When you work so hard, you do need and deserve a holiday. When you have a comfortable spot to relax and stay, you should definitely go to Goa.  No matter you are alone or with your friends or anyone else; this place is a boon for everyone. After all, Goa caters something for everyone. Whether you are a person who loves to do adventure and thrill, or you count yourself amidst people who are religious; Goa is not going to disappoint you. If you are thinking what to do in Goa then read on.

Beaches of Goa

The most exciting thing that you can do in Goa is explore the different types of beaches in Goa. There are more than fifty beaches in Goa that you can explore and enjoy. Of course, right from Calangute beech that is the longest one in Goa, to less crowded beeches, you can find amazing ones. The point is these beaches are really vibrant during the time of peak. And some are the beaches wherein you would not find much rush. You can simply relax and stay with your friends.

Thrilling Spots and Activities

The main attractions of Goa are the massive range of adventurous water sports that attract groups of tourists from all areas of the world every single year. People who are going to this stunning and bright place enjoy heart throbbing activities like that of water-skiing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, fly boarding, boogie boarding, parasailing, windsurfing coupled with deep sea fishing.  The point is these spots are going to get you the thrill and amusement that you always seek in your boring day today life.

Also, if you think that you have never done any sort of water activities and you are too scared  then relax. You have no idea how there are professional trainers and teams that look after you and keep a proper check on you when you do the water activities. You can easily get to know about new activities that give you the taste of true life. Just imagine when you dive in the water, you get to experience the peace of the water. Ah, there is much to explore with proper precautions and equipment.

Night Life in Goa

There are so many people who love to stay up at night and have fun. Of course, nights are really vibrant in Goa. You can find people on the beaches and rads all the time. You would get to visit the beaches that are really enjoyable and spots that are so wonderful. And these are the zones beaming with nightlife in Goa. You can see the parties happening all over the place. You would see how people are dancing, drinking and having fun. You can also feel the thrill in the hot and exciting vibes of nightlife at Goa. Even if you do not like to dance, drink or party; it is okay; the night life in Goa is going to get you a new experience for sure.

Fort Aguada

It is a beautiful place that is preciously preserved seventeenth century Portuguese fort.  This fort is situated on the Sinquerim Beach in the zone of North Goa. It was created up as the chief spot to defend the Portuguese against Dutch and Marathas. Moreover, it might interest you too that gorgeous fort was the most adored and crucial fort of Portuguese. This stunning looking fort is packed with thick battlements coupled with deep dry trench. Then there are two completely seeing things inside the fort are thirteen-meter-high lighthouse that is made up in year 1864 and a curved cistern that could easily gather nearly ten million litres of absolutely fresh water. No matter what type of person you are this spot is definitely going to get you a great experience. Actually, many people think that it is a fort and hence, it might not be wonderful or exciting. But that is not the case. The views you would get to see at this spot are surely going to promise you some unusual time.

Pandava Caves

Nearly nine kms to the south of Bicholim town in North Goa is situated the 6th century Pandava cave complex   and even that of amazing Arvalem waterfalls. The complex of the cave is split into 5 compartments and the ‘linga’ in the middle of compartment is well-preserved and held in great veneration by devotees at this spot. Similarly, another charm near to the Arvalem caves is the well-known and gorgeous Arvalem waterfalls. The water waving down from a height of fifty metres makes for a gorgeous view. Also, there is even a park close from where you can conveniently witness the waterfall as well as the splendid lake at the bottom.  The spot would get you amazing moments of life and you can capture pictures too. You can be really sure that you get a few pictures shot there that give you a pleasure for life. Down the lane, when you would look at your pictures, you would feel good.


To sum up, just book your rooms at Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa for a deluxe stay and ensure that you get the best experience in Goa. Goa is surely going to get you a memorable, relaxed, and enjoyable experience. Sometimes, some holidays bring new life in your routine, and this would prove one such trip.

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