Why Should You Control A General Contractor: 7 Reasons

Many construction projects, such as minor home remodeling or office renovation, can be completed through a DIY approach. With the accessibility of information on the Internet and the availability of user-friendly construction materials, many home and building owners today opt to complete simple (and even complex) projects without the help of skilled workers and contractors.

But while do-it-yourself construction has numerous benefits such as personal satisfaction, new learning, and cost savings, it is not always the best approach. This post by Reader’s Digest lists some home improvement projects where DIY can lead to a disastrous outcome. Aside from these tasks, large-scale, complex, and costly construction projects are best completed by a general contractor. These projects entail various unique tasks that require professional experience – and it can be overwhelming. Having a general contractor take control can make a huge difference.

Major construction projects entail crucial decisions. Picking the right contractors and suppliers is one of them. Hiring and putting a general contractor in control ensures that you get only the best.

If you have a home or building construction project in mind, enlisting a general contractor proves beneficial in the long run. From painting works to interior remodeling to complete renovation, general contractors are often ignored but are a critical component to successful project completion. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone knowledgeable oversees and controls the entire project. With a general contractor at the helm, everyone reports to the contractor and the owner only deals with the contractor from start to finish.

Project owners must control the general contractor to ensure that the project is completed based on his preferences. But aside from this, there are many other reasons why business owners need to control their general contractor.

Save time and money

If you have several sub-contractors, independent workers, and suppliers working on a single project, chances are you won’t be on the same page. General contractors ensure that all materials, manpower, equipment, and other requirements are available at the project site. They coordinate with all stakeholders to ensure that every phase of the project flows smoothly, thereby avoiding delays and wasted cash flow. This is particularly important for projects with strict deadlines.

Better management

Large projects with numerous aspects require more management. From applying for necessary permits to purchasing supplies to scheduling a program of works, a general contractor assumes full responsibility. Guided by experienced, the contractor sees to it that all of these tasks are properly managed. However, owners still need to stay informed of the project’s progress regularly.

Avoid wastage

Enlisting a general contractor at the start of the project prevents any wastage by ensuring that tasks are done right the first time. There are many possible causes of wastage in construction such as ordering error, sudden changes in design, cutting materials to inappropriate sizes, lack of waste management plan, damaged materials due to inappropriate storage, handling or transportation. When you control the general control, you can spot any potential source of waste.

Likewise, general contractors hire reliable and trusted workers and sub-contractors which guarantees that they know what they’re doing. They also have supervisors or point persons that directly oversee each aspect of the project. This level of management ensures that jobs are completed efficiently and properly reducing the possibility of material wastage.

Wide network

By hiring a general contractor, you can have access to their wide network of sub-contractors, skilled workers, suppliers, and even local authorities. General contractors have established connections within the local construction sector, so they know whom to call when it comes to your needs. This can greatly speed up the project timeline, especially since requesting quotations and estimates often take time.


General contractors enable you to cut expenses. They are familiar with the local suppliers offering the best rates. Furthermore, contractors get huge discounts from suppliers, especially those who have developed trusted relationships with suppliers. According to contractors at AFS General Contracting, their ability to purchase in huge bulks allows them to avail lower rates. Additionally, experienced contractors can quickly alert you of possible cost-saving opportunities.

Customizable services

Experienced general contractors are capable of working on a range of projects. They can customize services depending on your construction needs and your vision. You control the services that will be availed of. You also provide them with the goals, desires, and requests to ensure that the project is completed based on your unique specifications. You’ll surely feel satisfied with the final project result.

Insurance coverage

In any construction project, accidents or damages are always a possibility. In case any mishap happens during the construction, you can be held liable – something that you want to avoid. Working with a general contractor protects you against any potential liabilities.

These are just some of the top reasons why you should enlist and control a general contractor for your construction projects. Having a person responsible for overseeing your project’s completion can greatly reduce all the hassles and worries associated with it.

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