Why Is Construction Safety Important?

Australia is a country that has many construction sites, with new buildings being built and old ones torn down. It’s important for these companies to be aware of the safety precautions they need to take in order to ensure their employees are safe on site. The goal of this blog post is to discuss why it’s so important for Australian construction sites to have safety measures in place at all times and how it makes everyone involved feel safer as well.

Construction sites are dangerous places.  According to a report by SafeWork as of 24 June, 2021, construction posted the second highest number of fatalities – 18 out of 51 reported work related deaths. As such, safety should be at the forefront of any Australian contractor’s mind when it comes to running their business and building their projects. 

This blog post will discuss why having a safe construction site in Australia is so important as well as go over some simple ways you can make your project safer and prevent accidents from happening.

We have also included tips for staying safe while working on-site, which will help keep our readers one step ahead of potential dangers they may face throughout their day while on-site.

The following are reasons why safety is important on construction sites in Australia.

The importance of safety in construction

Safe construction site means the safety of workers

The main reason for ensuring WHS standards are maintained in construction projects is the safety of workers. A safe construction site means that all personnel, both on and off-site are protected from hazards to their health or welfare which may arise in connection with work activities at the construction site. Safe sites reduce risk for accidents, injuries,illnesses hence preserving the wellbeing and life of workers.

Safety helps cut the loss of time and Money due to Accidents

In most construction sites, when accidents happen, work comes to a halt. Time is lost on investigating the accident and repairing the damage done. The construction site is not operational until work resumes, which may take days or weeks to complete depending on injuries caused and severity of damages.

In addition, workplace accidents on construction sites have a long-lasting and costly effect on the project. Furthermore, if workers are injured, compensation claims are filed, which may cause the construction company to incur heavy expenses. And if the injured is not a worker, the construction company is likely going to pay for liabilities of the injury. Lastly, in a typical accident, supplies and equipment are also damaged, resulting in further losses to the company. These add up to drive up the construction cost while lowering the profit margin of the business.

Safety enhances the credibility and reputation of the construction company

Safety never goes unnoticed. In most cases, before a construction company is hired, people want to ensure they follow safety practices, so they will look for WHS related certificates and awards your business has acquired over the years. This will show the contractor that your company is a reliable and credible one.

Not only does it enhance credibility, but safety also enhances the reputation of the construction company. When people know you have established a safe workplace for your workers, they are more likely to visit or recommend it to someone else. With this in mind, contractors can expect higher profits and can charge more for their services.

Safety is a type of branding that will always make the company stand out among competitors. With this in mind, contractors should consider investing in a construction site WHS management system that would help to promote their business so they are considered as one of the most reliable construction companies. Learn more about the benefits and key components of WHS management system here

Helps meet WHS Compliance

In Australia, businesses are expected to comply with WHS laws and regulatory standards. While compliance can be difficult, it’s not impossible for any business. One simple step to meeting WHS requirements is having a safe construction site in Australia. If a construction business does not adhere to WHS regulations, they can face fines and other penalties for their negligence.

Improves productivity

A safe construction site improves productivity. With a safe construction site, there is less downtime and injuries which means more time working on the project. This results in better quality of work for the end result with fewer bugs or flaws that need to be fixed post-construction.

A construction company with good safety culture attracts the best workers

What is the primary reason that you have your employees wear hard hats? Is it to protect them from injury in case of an accident or for a less dramatic consequence, like an oversized can of paint falling on their head. No matter what the answer may be there are other benefits to safety culture. One advantage is attracting better workers.

Construction workers are human beings with a variety of motivations for taking on this type of work. And one of the greatest incentives that attracts and keeps the best talents is a safe workplace.

How to achieve safety on your construction site

To recap, here are the major reasons why having a safe construction site in Australia is important:

  • Safety improves productivity on your project
  • It helps prevent injuries and accidents from happening, which reduces costs for both you and employees
  • Makes WHS compliance easy to achieve
  • Protects you from fines and other liabilities
  • You will have a better relationship with our stakeholders, which means they are more likely to come back for future projects.

Safety is a key focus for many construction companies across Australia. There are many ways to ensure your site is safe, from using the right equipment and following safety procedures to checking any inclement weather that may affect the build day before work starts.

So how can you ensure your site is safe?

A WHS management system allows you to identify your safety risks and then implement the necessary precautions to reduce these risks. This would help you do your job more effectively and efficiently.

  • With a WHS management system, you can identify any risks that may be present in the workplace before they become an issue
  • It also covers all aspects of risk management such as identifying hazards, analysing to find out how big the risks are, devising preventive measures for these risks etc.

Construction safety is very important for all the benefits listed above. If you are a construction company, time to take your health and safety seriously!

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