Why Chose Augusta Precoius Metals for Your Gold IRA Needs?

If you’re looking for a sound and reliable investment that will ensure that you and your survivors will be financially stable for life, try investing in gold and silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA) through Augusta Precious Metals. Various investors have lauded the company for delivering value for their money and assigning dedicated investment advisors that will guide you from inquiry to investment withdrawal. If you’re interested in this venture, take time to read this Augusta Precious Metals Review.

Who is Augusta Precious Metals?

Augusta Precious Metals is a company built for serious gold and silver buyers that aim to make these exquisite metals part of their savings. Based on their website, the company brands itself as more than just a gold and silver provider. They are a fine and exquisite metals company aiming to educate and assist their investors in every step of the IRA setting process.

Their target market is a retirement saver who wants to secure their family’s future by purchasing precious metals. They take pride in the fact that their commitment sets them apart from other precious metals IRA companies. As such, they pledge to fully disclose purchase differentials, transaction statuses, and fees to their customers. They also promise to do 95% of the legwork to make every transaction seamless for their investors. And lastly, they also provide every investor with an agent that can help guide and help them make investment decisions.

Why is Augusta Precious Metals a preferred IRA company?

There are a couple of reasons why Augusta is a Top Gold IRA Company. You’ll see this sentiment shared on many of the websites that ask is Augusta Precious Metals legit?  Aside from their high ethical standards, here are some of the top positive qualities their customers noted.

Easy setting-up of account process

With the help of the assigned IRA representative, you can set up an investment account in three simple steps to wit:

  • Open an Augusta Precious Metals self-directed IRA. Your account custodian will suggest that you open either of these accounts — Kingdom Trust, Goldstar Trust, or Equity Trust.
  • Fund your IRA account with bank account transfers or precious metals rollovers.
  • Buy eligible silver and gold for your account. Whatever you purchase will be stored in a safe, secured, and insured facility.

Presence of secured storage facilities in various locations

Another commendable trait of the company is the presence of seven non-government precious metal storage facilities in strategic areas within Canada and the United States. As a result, the moment you finalize your purchases, the same will arrive at the designated storage facility within seven to ten days.

Currently, these are the locations within Canada and the United States — Mississauga, Canada, Springfield Gardens, New York, New Castle, Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware, Jackson, Ohio, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Los Angeles, California.

These facilities come with top-of-the-line security vaults (Level 3), regulation-compliant security systems, and strict staff access control. The same facilities are also insured up to $1 billion.

A+ Accreditation Rating from the Better Business Bureau

The company earned the highest excellence rating given by the Better Business Bureau for only receiving one complaint in the course of their operation. The said complaint has been resolved right away. The company’s transparency in all its processes also helped them get this commendation for the Better Business Bureau.

Besides that, TrustLink also gave the company a 5/5 score for its top-notch service. On Facebook, the company also received a high 4.8/5 rating. All these are telling of the company’s exceptional service to their clientele.

Dedicated investment advisor

Another laudable trait of the company is its effort of providing a dedicated investment advisor for each client to help them through the IRA investment process. The said investor doesn’t act in the company’s interest but of the welfare and well-being of the client, they’re representing. They usually give financial literacy training and pieces of advice that will help further the client’s investment. They will also assist the client and answer their questions from the inquiry phase, down to IRA opening, precious metals purchasing, and investment withdrawals.

It’s always wise to save up for you and your family’s future. When saving, it’s best to go for investments that will increase in value over time. Instead of spending your money on gadgets and other personal properties that will depreciate, go for precious metals like gold and silver instead. Then, when withdrawn at the right time, you can get the total value of your investment without taxes and other fees. You and your family can surely enjoy the proceeds, worry-free!

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