Where to Buy Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are packaging intended for items in shipping. The cost of shipping boxes can become significant if you do not know where to get them cheap. So, whether online or off, buying shipping boxes from the best vendor can significantly help you save money in the long run. This article will delve into how and where to buy shipping boxes at the most affordable rates. Knowing where to purchase from at reasonable prices and choosing the best shipping service for your business needs are two vital necessities.

What Determines the Cost of Boxes?

The size and quality of materials determine the cost of shipping boxes. They come in various sizes, and prices vary based on this. Therefore, the larger packages are understandably more expensive than smaller ones, assuming the material’s quality is the same. Materials used to make boxes also vary in quality. Consequently, the quality of the materials is a critical factor that determines the cost of packages.

Types of Shipping Boxes

  • Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Suitable for packaging most products, even fragile ones. Found in various sizes and shapes. For large shipping products, there are heavy-duty versions of corrugated cardboard boxes. With minimum research, you can find corrugated cardboard boxes of any size, shape, and design available within your budget.

  • Insulated Boxes

Shipping perishable items or products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuation requires insulated shipping box kits. In this type of box, materials like Styrofoam or polyurethane pad the inside of the cardboard. The padding shields delicate items from the influence of the weather. Insulated containers are more expensive than standard boxes. However, they are necessary for perishable shipping items like frozen foods.

  • Custom Boxes

As the name implies, custom boxes are corrugated cardboard boxes customized for a brand. Typically, they make the boxes especially to suit the needs of the brand. Often, they stamp the brand’s logo onto the boxes. Using a custom box is a strategy to make your brand stand out. Customers seeing brand logos on a box while opening them can go a long way in making your brand memorable. Custom boxes make it possible to create sizes that perfectly fit the items you are shipping. A simple search will show you companies that can create custom packaging for you at affordable rates. Customizing shipping boxes is more expensive. However, the branding benefits are generally worth the extra expenses.

  • Poly Mailers

These are lightweight plastic bags ideal for shipping products that do not require special handling. This type of packaging is suitable for non-fragile items. Using this type of box will enable you to cut down on the cost of shipping because poly mailers are lightweight. Also, shipping companies set prices based on package weight or size.

Where to Buy Shipping Boxes

There are various places you can buy boxes. Be sure to find a platform that enables you to get the cheapest rates. With that, let’s now look at three popular platforms that provide great deals.

  • Amazon

Amazon offers cheap shipping supplies. You can get good boxes on amazon at reasonable rates. Delivery can be notably fast, especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership. New vendors are constantly popping up on Amazon. So, this shows that the chances of finding the cheapest boxes are high. Check out prices on Amazon and make a price comparison before deciding where to make a purchase.

  • Walmart

Get cheap boxes at Walmart. Being the most extensive shipping supplies physical store in the United States, the chances of getting boxes at excellent rates are high. If you meet their minimum order policy, you qualify for free shipping on the website Generally, Walmart is one of the best places to find shipping boxes at cheap rates.

  • Uline

A shipping supplies online wholesaler. They have an exhaustive collection of boxes. No matter the type of boxes you want, Uline is a platform with reasonable prices. Being a wholesaler, you will enjoy low prices when you buy in bulk. For fast delivery, Uline is a great choice. Having up to ten warehouses around the U.S., they are capable of swiftly delivering orders. Check them out for cheap bulk orders and fast delivery.


Knowing the best places to purchase shipping boxes will enable you to reduce costs. Explore the market, make price comparisons, and then choose the best vendor. Checking out as many platforms as possible allows you to find the vendor with the best discount program. Choose right to enjoy overall reduced costs of shipping!

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