When Would I Need a Fresno Personal Injury Attorney?

Are you injured as a result of an accident in Fresno? It is natural to have concerns following a serious accident. How will your recovery proceed? When will you be able to return to work following your injuries? What are the next steps? 

Nevertheless, “Do I require the services of a Fresno personal injury attorney?” is one of the most critical concerns that many people will usually ask following the accident. Almost always, the answer is yes. The sooner you choose a personal injury lawyer, the more easily and quickly your case will be resolved. The answers to the questions below will help you comprehend why you need a Fresno personal injury attorney

What is the severity of your injury? 

If you have sustained serious injuries during the accident, you must contact an attorney immediately. Severe injuries frequently result in considerable medical expenditures, prolonged medical treatment, and, in many cases, no or limited income to help pay those bills. 

When you sustain serious injuries in an accident – such as traumatic brain injury, amputation, or spinal cord injury – retaining the services of an attorney is critical for obtaining the compensation you well-deserve and for gaining a greater understanding of the insurance claims process and the potential amount of compensation. These very complex injury cases can entail substantial monetary judgments, and insurance companies are apprehensive about paying them. A competent personal injury attorney will know what techniques will be best used to pursue your case and help defend your best interests throughout the claims process. 

Who caused the accident? 

In order to pursue a personal injury claim, you must prove that another party was responsible for your injuries. Suppose you feel this is what really transpired or that external causes led to the accident; in that case, you will almost certainly require the assistance of an attorney to gather pieces of evidence and pursue a personal injury claim. 

Numerous accidents involve multiple persons sharing liability. An attorney can assist you in identifying all of those parties involved and demand compensation from each of them.

Have you contacted the insurance company or the party liable? 

Many victims of an accident delay contacting an attorney until they have spoken with the party liable for the accident or the insurance company that covers the liable party—but you do not even have to wait to speak with them before getting in touch with a personal injury attorney. As a matter of fact, you are better off delegating those communications with the liable party and the insurance company to your personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies are seldom in a hurry to pay claims, and they may leverage their communications with you to have you compromise your claim. 

If you have already spoken with an insurance company agent, your initial communication with the insurance company may have brought to your attention the importance of contacting an attorney regarding your claim. 

For instance, if: 

1. Your claim is denied by the insurance company. 

Hearing that your insurance claim has been denied can be devastating and frightening for many accident victims. Not only are you managing your injuries and recuperation, but you may be concerned that you will now be responsible for paying your medical costs on your own. 

If the liable party’s insurance company denies your insurance claim, a personal injury attorney can assist you in disputing the denial and obtaining a more agreeable settlement. Insurance companies may deny a claim for a variety of reasons. 

An attorney can assist in investigating the accident and determining who is at fault. Not only that, but a personal injury attorney can also obtain information that you may have difficulty getting. 

A knowledgeable personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on the information that the insurance company may require to approve your claim. More significantly, your attorney can assist you in establishing the optimal negotiation strategy to enhance your chances of obtaining a reasonable settlement. If the insurance company denies your claim, a skilled personal injury attorney can file an appeal and present facts to boost your chances of a favorable resolution. 

2. The insurance company takes a long time to respond to your claim or to pay it. 

Insurance companies may employ a variety of strategies to avoid paying your personal injury claim. Often, they will withhold payments until they are forced to, despite the fact that you require the money to pay for medical bills and handle other expenditures. 

A personal injury attorney can assist you in obtaining the necessary response from the insurance company. Oftentimes, employing an attorney conveys to the insurance company how seriously you intend to pursue compensation. Additionally, an attorney can tell you the penalties that the insurance company could face for ignoring your insurance claim. 

3. The insurer makes a low-ball settlement offer. 

Rather than addressing the victim’s needs and following their policies to the letter, many insurance companies will attempt to lessen their compensation to an accident victim. Within days after the accident, the insurance company will usually contact you with a settlement offer. This offer may indicate the bare minimum the insurance company believes it can pay you. 

Contact a personal injury attorney before you accept a settlement offer from the insurance company or the party responsible for your accident. Many lawyers will provide a free consultation to help you determine the amount of compensation you might expect and how you should respond to the terms of a particular settlement. After a serious accident, an attorney can provide vital advice on how to proceed with your claim to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

4. The insurance company is adamant about not negotiating. 

You may have opted not to immediately contact a personal injury attorney following receipt of a settlement offer. After all, a quick perusal revealed that the offer did not match the compensation you rightfully deserved, especially in terms of the gravity of your accident. You declined the offer and countered with your own. 

Regrettably, the insurance company has continued to make incredibly low offers that do not reflect the full cost of your injuries. 

A personal injury attorney will help advocate for your right to compensation. If your lawsuit requires court representation, an attorney can assist you. Throughout the bargaining process, your attorney will prioritize your interests over those of the insurance company.

How long has it been since the accident? 

Each state establishes its own statute of limitations or the time restriction for filing a personal injury claim. This is why it is critical to contact an attorney immediately—if this time period passes, you will undoubtedly be precluded from making a claim. 

Are you confused about your rights? 

The majority of people are unaware of their legal rights in the aftermath of a serious injury.  You may be unaware of the amount of compensation you are entitled to, the length of time it will take to resolve your claim, or even who is legally responsible for a certain sort of accident.

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