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What to Know About Cryo

Frozen shipping is a specialized shipping service for cryopreserved cells.

Specialized carriers specializing in refrigerated shipping ensure that cells are processed and shipped from their original destination to their final destination without affecting the viability of any cells. Cryopreserved reproductive tissues are either stored directly in large liquid nitrogen tanks at temperatures consistently below -190°C or in liquid nitrogen vapors that vary between -160°C and -190°C. Batteries intended for shipment are transported in dry cargo aircraft and require approval from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for transport onboard.

Dry goods

A dry shipper is a specialized shipping tank that has been pretreated with liquid nitrogen. Shippers need to control and test before each use to ensure they can safely freeze samples for up to 10 days. Dry shippers come in different sizes, each of which can hold temperatures for a specified period of time. Dry shippers are structurally very similar to tanks used in CRYO labs. In addition, they are lined with a special layer of foam that absorbs nitrogen gas. The shipper is certified to maintain the necessary temperature of -190°C for the allotted time.

Refrigerated shipping services offer a variety of services. The most basic (and least safe) way is to ship a dry cargo shipper as cargo. The safest way is a dedicated carry-on service, in which a courier is assigned to the shipper and personally supervises the entire transit, taking care of the shipment literally “door to door”.

Temperature data logger

Temperature data loggers are an essential part of refrigerated tanks in order for carriers to perform professional shipping services and to be able to make the recorded data available to all parties involved – customers as well as sending and receiving agencies. Temperature loggers are the primary method of quality control and assurance that the desired temperature is maintained throughout the journey. Data must be stored in a secure manner so that any shipment can be accessed and matched. Carriers must be able to display continuous temperature records for each shipment.

When purchasing a shipper, a professional refrigerated carrier records weight parameters; any change indicates moisture build-up or a bubble bursting. The amount of time the shipper can maintain the optimum temperature can be calculated based on the shipper’s weight. In the event of unexpected delays in transit, the courier is able to determine how long it will take for him to urgently replenish liquid nitrogen and plan accordingly.

What information should be provided to Cryoshipper prior to shipping planning

What exactly is included in the total price (if the dry cargo shipper’s lease is included if the shipper’s transportation to and from the original destination and from the final destination is also included if transit charges are included).

  • If cryoshipper uses a temperature data logger with its shipper and provides a copy of the data
  • If the service is hand-held and supervised by an individual
  • Whether a third party is involved in the transportation process
  • How long does the journey from the pickup point to the delivery point take?
  • How to choose a refrigerated shipping company specializing in CRYO shipping services?

If you’re in the market for a refrigerated shipping provider, you have plenty of options. Choosing the right company can be a difficult and daunting process, and several are currently giving up. Want to know more about  cryoshipping services for CRYO materials, you can get comprehensive data on their official page. If you are planning to have CRYO treatment in a fertility clinic overseas (e.g. Europe or Canada), you may wish to carefully transfer your biological material (egg, or embryo) from the doctor’s office to the destination clinic. In this case, traditional courier services will be useless. You will need a reliable refrigerated shipping company.

Customer support is vital:

Evaluate your shipping provider’s user support expertise, including other companies and your consumers. Please do a historical investigation before using the shipping service. Check sites like ARK Cryo, as well as customer sources and newsgroups. You can call them and see how pleasant and easy-going they are. Make sure to ask about commercial insurance options for each shipment, who to contact if you have questions and when you can contact them.

Consider the delivery cost of the shipping service:

Cheaper suppliers are not necessarily the best, so don’t make your choice based on price alone. Work with a courier company to set reasonable costs for you and your consumers. The best result is to provide your customers with fair and acceptable pricing that is high enough to cover your costs, while still providing quality service. Reducing packaging design to eliminate extra weight can also help you save money. A whopping 80% of buyers say free shipping is an important motivator for people to shop online more often. Also, offering free shipping on all orders and all customers can be too expensive for a small business. Free shipping may also be limited to general customers, certain products or locations, or orders over certain thresholds. Therefore, you will be able to use your deliveries to increase customer loyalty and sales prices.

Check out the range of shipping companies:

If you’re shipping items over short distances, consider using a local courier. Regional couriers generally know the area better and are more effective when working at lower levels. For smaller companies, they may be a more cost-effective option than larger companies. If you are transporting goods over long distances and considering growing internationally, work with a courier company with a global group and a recognized track record abroad.

Shipping Speed ​​and Agility:

With 42% of customers requesting same-day shipping, timeliness has become a critical sales advantage. They’re even prepared to spend more on an item if it means getting it faster. About 15% claim they buy something from Amazon simply because they can get it faster than anywhere else, even though it costs more. Regardless of the added cost, it’s worth asking the courier company what they can do for you.

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