What should you do after a Car Crash?

Vehicles have made transportation for us quite easy but it is not free from accidents. Every year thousands of Americans die in traffic collisions and millions get injured. Car crashes can cause physical and psychological injuries to the individual involved. 

The individual involved is going through the trauma of the crash, concurrently they have to deal with legal formalities. They have to overlook insurance claims and criminal prosecution. 

It is recommended to get the services of a Car Accident Attorney. They will help you with the legal technicalities and guide you through any trouble with car insurance and other things.

The first thing you should do 

If you are physically able you should call 911 to report the accident. This way police, ambulances, and paramedics will come to the accident scene. The next thing you should do is to use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene. The cars involved, the number plates, the damage that has occurred, and any other object that was damaged such as sign poles and street lights. 

You should also avoid saying(for e.g apologizing) anything that might show that you are at fault for the accident. Inform your insurance company about the crash. If you are approached by an insurance adjuster, remain silent and wait for your attorney to show up. Insurance adjusters can make you sign waivers or use anything you say against your claim.

Calling your lawyer can save you from getting into legal troubles plus he will guide you with how you should pursue the claim.

Proving the liability after the accident

There are four components of a negligence claim. 

  1. Every driver on the road has a “duty of care”. This means that the driver has a legal duty to comply with traffic rules and they should act in a manner that keeps other commuters safe. 
  2. “Breach of Duty” occurs when an allegedly at-fault driver is found to be negligent in the duty of care and causes injuries to others. The offense includes driving under influence of alcohol, breaking a red light, and failing to yield.

It is also possible that a person does not violate traffic regulations but was negligent because they were not attentive or got distracted by any other event. Here are some tips you can drive safely in bad weather. Such instances are booked under inattentive or careless driving and qualify as a breach of duty.

  1. Car Accident victims must suffer damages to file a claim. The victim of a car crash might have faced physical injuries, trauma, or financial hardship. The damages depend on the intensity of the crash and a severe crash might cause permanent injuries. A victim might not be able to return to work or get a job in the future because of a permanent injury.
  2. The negligence of the allegedly at-fault driver should be proved. This component is notoriously complex, insurance companies and defense teams will try to avoid liability for the damages based on causation. They might even turn the narrative against the victim.

Get legal help

It is recommended to get legal help from a law firm that has a good reputation in car accident claims. Remember that the history of a law firm will not guarantee success in your claim. 

A car accident lawyer will make sure that you are not tricked into an outcome that favors the other party. Car accident lawyers are also specialized to investigate faulty and defective car parts, they can prove these to be the cause of an accident.

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In short, car accident claims are a serious matter and they should be handled by a professional car accident lawyer. 

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