What printer do you recommend for printing a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are a yoga practitioner’s best friend. It can lead to aches and pains if they don’t have the right equipment though.

Tips: You need your yoga mat print to be of high quality, with colour that doesn’t fade over time. I used B&W laser printer at first but it turns out you can’t actually wash a yoga mat in a washing machine because the colours run off all over the place! There was no way I could use my yoga mat after that so I had to throw it away. After some research on reviews of printers suitable for printing a yoga mat, Canon stood out as one of the more popular brands people recommended. They get good reviews for all their printers, and pretty much the only thing that seems to hold them back is that they’re not especially cheap.

Once I decided on a printer to buy (Canon Pixma) it didn’t take long to find yoga mat printouts and yoga mat designs online. There’s yoga haha! Some pictures looked better than others but I found some really nice ones with clear, bright colours and lots of details in the design. The best part was they were free! all I had to do was download them from Google image search and add them to my printer queue (yes, you can actually do this – print out your entire gallery!)

It takes a while if you use the highest quality yoga mat print resolution, but it’s worth it for yoga.

Yoga mat print: yoga haha!

By the way, if you’re reading this then it means yoga mat print worked out great and it’s time to try yoga. I’m sure your yoga mat will be much more useable now that you’ve done a bit of yoga shopping.

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What yoga mat print looks like: yoga haha!

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Once you’ve printed your yoga mat, all that’s left to do is roll it up and go for a walk! As for me, I’m keeping my yoga mat in the car so I can go out and practice at any time. You never know when an opportunity will come along to do some yoga so it pays to be prepared!

Here are some FAQs recently asked by yoga mat print: yoga haha!

– My printer has a problem and I can’t print my yoga mat. Is it your fault?

Probably not. But let me check…  Oh, you need to install new ink cartridges – thanks for noticing, that was really helpful! Now go out and do some yoga with the awesome printed yoga mat I’ve given you.

Q. Does yoga mat print help with yoga?

  1. Yes, yoga mat print is perfect for beginners and even advanced yogis alike.

Q. What printer do you recommend for printing a yoga mat?

  1. Whilst there are many suitable printers, Canon Pixma printer models are some of the most highly recommended by professionals of all types including yoga instructors and celebrity chefs who often make use of high quality, sharp printouts throughout their daily lives (no joke).


When choosing a printer, make sure you do your research before buying. High quality printing results will come out much better than low-resolution ones. If you want to be sure that your rugs are picture perfect, then just take an image off Google images and load it into your queue. It’s free and the result will be great – I guarantee it! And if you’re interested in reading about how I screen printed my own t-shirts with one of these printers (it was so easy!) check out my other article!

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