What is Online Live Sale?

Auctions can make it possible to acquire interesting and valuable goods at a lower cost.

However, it is important as a buyer to set a budget that should not be exceeded, as sales are often rapid and some items attract multiple buyers. The prices can then climb and reach very high sums as is often the case for works of art or collectibles!

One of the oldest selling techniques is the auction.

Currently, many individuals and professionals use this sales system to get rid of certain objects in order to be able to obtain liquidity to finance a new project or simply to repay some debts. Auctions are open to any adult and you can sell bottles of wine, jewelry, toys, furniture, art objects, or vehicles.

How does an auction work?

Beforehand, the seller will have to call on an auctioneer of his choice who will be in charge of estimating the goods he wishes to put on sale. Subsequently, the auction will be advertised in the local press in order to attract the greatest number of potential buyers. Therefore, the objects for sale will be exposed to the public at least 1 day before the date of the sale so that they can see the objects that are likely to interest them. In addition, the auctioneer will be present to answer all their questions.

How to buy in an auction?

On D-Day, the auctioneer will present all the items available for sale and announce the starting price. Subsequently, people wishing to acquire this object will have to raise their finger or manifest themselves in any way (nod, raised hand, etc.) to indicate to the auctioneer that they wish to bid. The sale will close as soon as the auctioneer has knocked down his hammer and the last buyer who stated the highest price will be awarded the object. Subsequently, he will have to go to collect his property and pay for it immediately, because there is no period of reflection or withdrawal in auctions. In addition, the sale price will be increased by approximately 20% depending on the number of additional fees to be paid.

Online auction

Some auction websites allow online sales to be tracked using auctioneer bidvaluable videos. You will be able to bid in one click, in particular on furniture, works of art, animals, vehicles, and professional equipment. Buying items in online auctions is a new way of consuming that will allow you to bid while staying at home. Here are some tips that will help you navigate online auctions in order to make efficient purchases: The auctions mainly relate to new or second-hand furniture that can be sold indoors by auctioneers, but also works of art (jewelry, paintings, knick-knacks, books, etc.), vehicles (personal, utility, collector’s item) …), Animals (racehorses…) and professional equipment (office automation, IT…). It is possible to follow auctions live by viewing the video of the auctioneers and bidding in one click, in particular via specialized websites. They are accessible from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You can choose your price.

If you are not available at the time of the sale, you can leave a secret buy order, which will be computerized, automated, and not revealed to the auctioneers. You will note, however, that it is necessary to register prior to the sale to benefit from the ability to bid online and place a secret buy order. Registration is free. To be aware of online sales, online auction sites offer you a sales calendar, a search engine with keywords, many categories including ads, email alerts, as well as a newsletter or an electronic gazette. To collect your lots, you can go to the auction houses concerned or discuss a delivery with them, which will be at your expense. The results of the sales are then broadcast online.

Public auction

Auctions are therefore easy to find on the Internet as well as in regional newspapers. In addition, you can access the full list of items that will be on sale, which will allow you to do some spotting and top picks. Auctions attract many people wishing to acquire a piece of furniture, a car, a piece of jewelry, or any other exceptional and valuable object, at a lower cost. However, keeping up to date with auctions located near your home is not always easy. To do this, the Internet is full of several sites dedicated mainly to this type of sale so that everyone can know the date, the place as well as the objects presented at future auctions.

How to be informed of an auction?

Usually, auctions are advertised in the local press in order to attract the greatest number of potential buyers. However, it is also possible to obtain all the information relating to an auction on the Internet through certain sites specializing in this field. Among other things, these sites will allow you to obtain the details of the objects that will be on sale so that you can make your scouting according to the starting prices announced while already setting yourself a threshold not to be exceeded. You should know about auction valuers bidvaluable before bid on anything and If you want to purchase anything from safe and beneficial site than we recommend you to visit our site by clicking on the highlighted link.

How can we be sure that the property we want meets our expectations?

Before the big day of the auction, all the objects are on display and accessible to all potential buyers so that they can note all the interesting details. They will thus be able to judge for themselves whether these articles really interest them and how much they would be willing to pay to obtain them. In addition, during this exhibition, the auctioneer who is in charge of the sale is also present, which will allow future buyers to ask him all the questions they want on one or more goods such as the year of manufacture the name of its creator or the materials that compose it, etc.

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