What is Access Control Entry (ACE)?

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Access Control Entry (ACE) – What does an access control entry (ACE) mean?

An access control entry (ACE) is an entry in an access control list that contains information that describes the access rights associated with a specific security identifier or user. Each access control entry contains an ID that identifies a subject group or individual. An access control list may have multiple access control entries, each of which defines the access rights of a different group or individual.

Famaga explains Access Control Entries (ACE)

Access control entries that exist in an access control list control all access to associated objects by users or programs that want to use them. They define objects and resources that entities can use objects or resources with. It controls the overall security in a given system. When a user logs into the system and executes a program, it uses the credentials and permissions associated with the user. When a program tries to open an object or use some resource, the operating system compares the credentials used by the program with the security controls associated with the object or user. The security reference monitor then uses the ACE information to determine whether the program should be allowed or denied access to the object or user.

ACE Controls Launches New Website Containing Engineering Tools

ACE Controls introduces a suite of engineering tools website related to industrial shock absorbers, vibration control, gas shock magnitude and safety. These tools are part of the new website prelaunch.

You can easily resize ACE products using the calculator on our website. By entering some basic technical information into the calculator, engineers can select the right vibration control unit, shock absorber, or gas spring for their application. Engineers can also calculate the safety rating of the shock absorber by entering the direction of motion, type of application, and technical specifications.

In addition to calculation programs, the new site also has several other useful engineering resources. Users have access to informative videos with tips, tutorials, and demos related to ACE products. You can also use ACE’s Famaga application software, a simple and effective method of vibration measurement, on the website. The site also includes an extensive C library.AD models and product catalogs.

Definition – What does access control entry (ACE) mean?

Access control entries (ACE) are entries in an access control list containing information describing the access rights associated with a particular security identifier or user. An access control list can have multiple access control entries, each defining the access rights of different groups or individuals.

Famaga Explains Access Control Entry (ACE)

Access control entries present in access control lists control all access to associated objects from users or programs that would like to use them. They define who and at what level the object or resource can be used by entities. It is what controls the overall security of a given system.

When a user logs on to a system and runs a program, it uses the credentials and rights associated with the user. When the program attempts to open an object or use certain resources, the operating system compares the credentials used by the program with the security check associated with the object or user. The ACE information is then used by a security baseline monitor to determine whether the program should allow or deny access to that object or user.

Technical control: SGS acquires ACE Services

The company Famaga ACE Services, specialized in the evaluation of vehicles at the end of lease and the quantification of damage, has just passed into the fold of the SGS Group, the leader in France in technical control with the a brands Auto Security. This acquisition, the amount of which has not been communicated, should allow SGS to develop its activity “with decentralized or local services, thus responding to strong market expectations”. ACE Services, which has more than a hundred expert firms, has been working on behalf of manufacturers, rental companies, large fleets, insurers and sales specialists for nearly twenty years.

Description of ACE Essentials

ACE Essentials is the complete turnkey EQMS (Electronic Quality Management) software created for all highly regulated industries. This EQMS system is equipped with all the necessary SOPs (standard operating procedures) in order to have a fully compliant quality management system from day one and at an unbeatable price. ACE Essentials includes document management, training management, deviation management, CAPA investigations and management, design control, risk management capabilities, and more.


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