What are the Trends of Cryptocurrency in 2022?

Blockchain technology is evolving very fast. And still relying on a number of complementary technologies, but for 2022, there’s a trend that’s shaping up to be interesting. as described in the following

1 – Fierce Competition of Wallet Business

Investing in a good Cryptocurrency requires you to have a basic understanding of: Where are the coins you bought stored? If you buy from a trading platform, your coins will be deposited with the platform. or if it is trading Cryptocurrency brokers with Admiral Markets will also be brokers that take care of the contracts.

But the tendency for investors to use “Personal wallets” is increasing more and more because the advantage of such a wallet is that you have the freedom to access different platforms, for example, MetaMask where one wallet can not access the Defi, Gaming platforms on different networks. whether it is BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, etc. freely

It is likely that in 2022 new wallets will be released for you to try out. And will focus more on Mobile wallets to accept Crypto Payment trends that have already occurred in many countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, including Thailand itself. Even if it gets some brakes

The user base is also an important variable of every business. means a fee And better chances of doing business partnerships with other platforms, you should look for an opportunity to sign up for a trial before going live. Because that might get you an Airdrop or “Free Coins” for entering the trial. Or it may be the right to invest in coins of the Wallet. There will be a Public Sale.

The platforms that are being talked about are:

  • Metamask
  • Phantom in the Solana network
  • Kasta is backed by a large network of popular influencers.

2 – Cross-Chain is the future!

Interoperability, utility or the ability to work together It’s something that has been talked about for many years in the industry. Cryptocurrency simply explained, is that more than two Blockchain networks can transmit data or value between them. This is something that Blockchain has yet to reach its full potential. This is due to the Blockchain architecture that rejects ‘central authority, which technically creates limitations for cross-network communication. An interesting example is that Cosmos, founded in 2016, is one of the foundations of cross-chain technology. The idea is to try to keep blockchain technology to a minimum of complexity. It also attempts to solve the classic “slow, expensive, cumbersome” problem that it means The beginnings of Ethereum is one of the cornerstones of the industry. Cryptocurrency by the Ethereum network requires all ‘clients’ to verify transactions. slow down and have high fees

However, Ethereum has its own solution where we may hear of different versions of the code called EIP or Ethereum Improvement Proposal. Even so, Cosmos is a seemingly inevitable alternative to the world of cryptocurrency. Interoperability A successful use case for Cosmos is the Terra network that has already surpassed Cosmos’ technology in its market capitalization.

This might be one example of how the Cosmos will make the world of Cryptocurrency could be more widespread in the future And this is also a trend that will happen in the years 2022 – 2023 because the expert developers live all over the world. Competitors that develop networks to enable Cross-Chain Compatibility will have the opportunity to grow more

The platforms that are being talked about are:

  • Polkadot (DOT)
  • Darwinia Network (RING)

3 – Amaterasu Coin

Amaterasu T]technologies, a company driven by technological innovation and perfection. Everything we design goes through 33 tests where we improvise until the product is perfect. Amaterasu uses our custom blockchain RHOMBUS which is POW for the initial block and POS after that. The algorithm is light on the system and very secure. We pride ourselves on developing state-of-the-art technology, and we are a team of 142 developers worldwide committed to bringing the best in technological innovation. We have global operations in India, UK, and US. We are coming to Singapore, France, and Canada soon.

4 – Metaverse with no winner

Metaverse is a simulated world, also known as The “virtual space” and the creatures that inhabit the Metaverse world are also used by the “human” in the real world. Each person’s “virtual identities” log in online to connect to that virtual space. Humans can use their avatars to interact with others in the Metaverse.

We may call it the same as online games such as MMORPGs, they have the characteristics of the Metaverse, but not. ‘Connect the real world to the virtual world’ the way the ideal Metaverse should be. For example, using VR technology is like being in the real world like in a Ready Player One movie, or working and having a separate economy in the world of VR. Metaverse

The Metaverse is not a new concept. Only when it comes to the present time that everything is favorable. As streams of technology converge, the world of the Metaverse becomes more figurative.

Cryptocurrency It’s what drives the Metaverse world to run smoothly. It might not be a problem if we just want to go for a walk, explore the land, meet strangers. But if we want to exchange value Trading digital assets in such a virtual world It is necessary to have a “medium” of exchange. which is money and the money in here is In that system, for example, SandBox land purchases typically use a coin named ‘Sand’ in exchange.

But SandBox’s success is similar to the point we described in the cross-chain above. The industry will always have new powerful competitors. But the Metaverse industry is still very new and has a lot of room to grow. Everyone wants to create their own Metaverse and “in their own way”. Thus, the Sector will become one of the most diverse Sectors in the world. Cryptocurrency. Aside from SandBox (Sand), there are many emerging Metaverse projects that have raised massive amounts of funding. that are often mentioned, such as

  • Bloktopia (BLOK)
  • Division Network (DVI)

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