As class 12 exams are nearing, every student must be wondering how to tackle class 12 board exams. Class 12 is one of the most crucial years for a student in his life, this puts immense pressure on a student. However, with the ideal tips and strategies students will be able to do well in all of their class 12 exams. To do well in class 12 board exams, students must follow the points given below. 

  • Planning –

Planning is the first step to achieving this goal. A right plan in place and a disciplined approach to the plan can do wonders for a student, so a student must plan wisely to score maximum marks in class 12 board exams. To plan well, students need to create an ideal and concrete timetable. In their timetable, students need to add study breaks and they need time to themselves as well. Planning is important for class 12 students as it will give them an idea of how to study. They will be organised and they won’t be stressed in terms of the fact that they might not have enough time to prepare. Hence, all students must plan and create a timetable that they can follow.

  • Timely Preparation – 

As soon as the new academic year starts, the students must start their preparations for their class 12 board examinations. This will help the students to have a better understanding of where they stand. This will help the student to concentrate and spend more time on topics or lessons where they are weak. This way the students will be able to build the concepts in depth. Timely Preparation can also help students revise the complete syllabus thoroughly before the main exams. Students need to focus on the subjects, topics, or concepts that they feel they are weak in. This way students will be able to do well in all areas of the syllabus.

  • Acquiring the material and making a study plan – 

All students must keep all the material provided to them by the institute to refer to in case the students have doubts or trouble understanding some problems, topics etc. The students must also make a solid study plan, keeping in mind the weightage of each chapter. This will help them to efficiently invest more time in the chapters that have higher weightage, giving them the confidence to do better. This will also help them to differentiate which chapters are easier and difficult. The student must also remember to add multiple revision slots to completely grasp the chapters. 

  • Learning and Understanding – 

The students must concentrate on the textbooks provided to them for a thorough understanding of the concepts. There are different reference books available for students to prepare for HOTS questions. Students can refer to NCERT Book Class 12 PDF to study better. This book consists of the entire syllabus for class 12. Students will be able to clear their doubts and learn better with the help of this book. The NCERT book has many questions and answers from the NCERT textbook that will help students understand the chapters and topics better. Apart from this, it is known that there are a series of questions that are asked from NCERT books in the class 12 Board exams.

  • Chapter-wise Practice – 

The students must practise problems from each chapter, this way a variety of problems will be solved by the student. This way the students can concentrate on all the minute details in a chapter. This will help them answer all the subjective and objective type tricky questions, helping students score maximum marks. Practising chapter wise will even help students to clear all the doubts that they may have. Once students are clear with all the topics they will be able to do well in their final board exam.

  • Paper wise Practice – 

Students must practice papers before attempting the class 12 boards. This is the most important element for the students’ preparation as this boosts their confidence, this also helps them learn the exam pattern. For students to practice, they can solve sample papers and previous year’s question papers. This will give them an idea of the question paper pattern. Apart from this, students will even be able to understand the type of questions that can be asked during their final board exams.

  • Prepare Revision Notes – 

It is advised to make separate books for theorems, formulas and methodologies. This will be helpful during revision as it will help the students to understand the concept and revise at one time. This also saves time and helps the students to brush up and revise the chapters faster. 

  • Stay focused – 

Each student must be focused and disciplined. Without focus, students will be very distracted and they won’t be able to do well in their exams. 

  • Avoid Distractions – 

In this day and age, with continuous advancement in technology, it is very easy for students to lose track and get distracted due to social media. Students must be self-aware and make sure they make efficient use of all the technology provided to them. They should try to avoid distractions at any cost. They can distract themselves with things that will benefit them, for example: Watching a video related to your subjects on YouTube. 

  • Stay composed – 

Class 12 board exams can be very stressful for a lot of students however they need to remember to stay composed at all times, as stress can lead to exam anxiety. This frame of mind can hamper the student’s chances to focus and study efficiently. Hence students should focus on their health and well being.

These are just a few tips and tricks that class 12 students can use to score well in their board examinations. As long as students are calm and composed, and work hard they will be able to do wonders in their exams. They just need to trust their study process and everything will be good. So all the best to all the class 12 students who are attempting to write the board exams this year!

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