Top 30 Tableau Interview Questions and Answers – Most Asked

In this article, we will check & explore the knowledge of tables. In this Tableau interview questions and answer, we provide the most commonly requested list of Tableau interview questions, which are asked in interviews for Tableau developers and Tableau programmers.

Here, we will learn about Tableau interview questions that are mostly requested with answers. Let’s finish them one by one:

Q.1 What is the difference between context filters to alternative filters?

Every time we tend to make context filters

Tableau can produce a short table for certain filter sets and this alternative filter applies to context filter knowledge such as cascade parameters. Suppose we have made context filters in the country >> We have chosen the country as the United States and Bharat.

Tableau can produce a short table for 2 countries of this knowledge and if you have another filer >> Others apply to your country’s 2 knowledge if, we don’t have any context filters.

Each and individual records can check all filters.

Q.2 What is the context filter loss?

Context filters should not be modified by the user – if the modified info filter must recalculate and rewrite the temporary table, the performance of deceleration.

When you set the dimensions to context, the short table tableau that will require re-draw when reading starts. For excel, access, and text sources, the temporary table made is in the access associate table format. For SQL Server, my SQL and Oracle knowledge sources, you want to have permission to form a short table on your server. As for the supply of flat knowledge, or cubes, temporary tables are not made, and context filters are only described that freelance filters and depends.

Q.3 What are the 5 main products offered by the Tableaue company?

Tableau offers 5 main products: desktop tableau, tableau server, on-line tableau, tableau reader and public tableau.

P.4 What is the latest version of desktop tableau (in September, twenty five 2017)?

Current version: Tableau Desktop Version Ten.4

Q.5 Why Tableau?

Whether your knowledge is in partner info in the premise, database, warehouse information, cloud application or associate stand out, you will analyze it with tableau. You will produce your knowledge view and share it with colleagues, customers and partners. You will use the tableau to mix it with alternative knowledge. And you will keep your knowledge up to this point mechanically.

Q.6 What is the filter? What kind of filter is there in Tableaue?

Filters are nothing, it is limited to excessive, it shows the actual knowledge. Especially filters are three kinds.

Fast filter

Context filter

DataSource filter.

Q.7 What is the disaggregation and data aggregation?

Suppose I really have knowledge like

Eid al-Fitr Ename Department of Income

1.ABC 2000 Java.

2.BBC 3000 .NET.

  1. Kishna 2500 java.

Madhu 300.

  1. Vamshi 3000 Mainframe.

1.ABC Thousand Tests

2.BBC 3000 Tableau


4.Madhu 7000 testing.

Vanshi 9000 Tableau

1 first one000 mainframe rudiment

2 BBC 13000Testing.

3 Krishna 15000 Java

4 Madhu 17000.nte

5 Vamshi

Aggregation: To show mixed knowledge

Sum / avg income by every individual worker

Drag concentrates on the column and income on the line we will get the total (salary) of each individual worker

Now Modify Live Sort as AVG

Select Income Options – Select Live Sorts as “AVG”

Disaggregation: To show every group action

When you consider collective knowledge in the view above, each bar represents all transactions for certain workers summarized or on average into one price. At present, say that you only want to check individual income transactions for each worker. You will produce like that by choosing analysis> aggregate action.

Q.8 How to Take All Options from Automotive Vehicles Tableau – Filters?

Right-click Filter >> Customization >> Uncheck Show All Options

Q.9 Do we tend to use a non-used column (columns that are not used in the report but the supply of knowledge has a column) in the Tablo Filter?


Ex. In supply of knowledge, I really have a column like

Empid, Emptname, Empdept, Empdsignation, Empsalary

In the report, my victimization of empname in columns and empsalry on the line.

I will use Empdesignation on the filter

Q.10 What are the advantages of Tablo extract files through direct connections?

Extracts are used everywhere without affiliates and you will build your own visualization while not connecting to info.

Q.11 Ways to mix 2 prominent files with the same field as totally different knowledge (different years)?

I have five completely different files (2007.xls, 2007.xls..2011.xls) with the same field (name film, genre, gudge, rating, profitability) however, with knowledge from a completely different year (2007 to 2011). Will someone tell Maine, however, I can mix the name of the film, genre, and profit so that I will see images 2007 to 2011 in a very single chart?

Q.12 HydroxybutyRate gamma No table We can take the Tablo section?

We can be part of the gamma-hydroxybutyrate thirty-two tables, unacceptable to mix more than thirty two tables.

Q.13 What is the difference between connections and mixing in the tableau?

Join Tableau:

For example: your shopper is in the SQL Server maintenance and victimization domain as their info. In SQL Server there are also several tables such as claims tables, rejected claims tables, client tables. Now, shopper needs to hold wise claims of clients and wise clients reject the Viktimization Claim Table of The Goins. Being part of being able to be a question that mixes some kind of information or many tables by making use of being part of the condition.

We can be part of the gamma-hydroxybutyrate thirty-two tables, unacceptable to mix a lot from thirty two tables.

In Tableau, a combination will appear in a pair of ways in which.

By making the use of general columns.

By making use of general knowledge types.

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