Top 10 Translation Mobile Apps to Help You in Your Daily Work

Gone are the days when the language used to be a communication barrier. Nowadays, you can read and write in any language as long as you have a translation app. Also, you can translate any document. However, you need to ensure that the translation app features your target language.

If you are too busy, you can opt for outsourcing translation services. For example, you can get Arabic document translation services from Future Trans. Such a move can also help you carry out a bulky translation exercise.

Given that there are several translation apps in the market, you need to know some of the best apps that you can get. However, let us first explore some of the basic information about translation apps.

What are Translation Mobile Apps?

Translation mobile apps are software that you can download on your smartphone or tablet to aid you to translate any language you do not understand. You can also use any mobile device that can support the mobile apps to download the apps.

The mobile apps can translate a foreign language, including text, dictation, or a conversation. What you need to do is to speak or write on the user interface of the app.

Alternatively, you can scan some writings for translation. For example, you can scan a signboard for translation hence making your trip easier.

Importantly, you can translate a conversation in real-time. Such a feature can help you hold a conversation with a person who speaks a different language. Therefore, the app can help you get or provide an instant solution despite a language barrier.

Some mobile translation apps can translate over 100 languages. For example, Google Translate can type a text in over 100 languages, translate images in over 90 languages, and translate a conversation in over 43 languages.

Where to Get Translation Apps

Despite their operational complexity, mobile translation apps are easy to get. The following simple process will enable you to get any translation app of your choice:

  1. Open your google play store.
  2. From the search dialogue box, search your target translation app.
  3. Scroll down to select your app from the apps that will appear on the results.
  4. An “install” option will appear below the name of the app. Tap it.
  5. Your app will start downloading on your smartphone.
  6. After the installation process is complete, you will get an option to “open” the app.
  7. Open the app to launch it.
  8. You can now write or copy-paste any text for translation. Alternatively, you will find the voice or scan options from the app.

Benefits of Using Mobile Translation Apps

The following are some of the benefits that arise from the use of translation apps:

  • Reaching out to foreign markets – If you are into business, having an app that uses the native language in your target foreign market can increase your sales. Such an app helps the locals to understand the components of your products and services. Additionally, you can get their feedback and improve the quality of your products and services.
  • Improving brand visibility – When your business uses local keywords in a target market, it will become more visible. So, mobile translation apps help your business to become visible to more people.
  • Increasing marketing and lead generation – When people understand whatever you are selling, they tend to get more engaged. Thus, you can generate more leads when using translation apps.
  • Leveraging technology – When you use translation apps, they put you ahead of the competition because you are tech-savvy. The app sets you apart from similar businesses that do not leverage technology.
  • Direct interaction with customers – Mobile translation gives you direct access to your customers despite time and location differences. Given that the apps are individual applications, they eliminate the need for a middleman in your business.
  • Having regular translation at hand – The mobile apps meets your translation needs whenever a need arises.
  • Learning a new language – The mobile apps helps you learn a new language quickly because they give you an instant reference point.
  • Promotion of diversity – Mobile translation promotes diversity because people from different ethnic backgrounds can understand each other’s cultural values and understand them.

Top 10 Translation Mobile Apps for Your Daily Work

The following are some of the best translation mobile apps that you can find in the market:

iTranslate Voice 3

Get your voice chats translated in over 40 languages using iTranslate Voice 3. You can also access over 240 predefined phrases with this app. You can create your phrasebook too. Last, you can share, export, or copy any translated voice conversation with this app. 

Google Translate

You can use Google Translate free of charge non-commercially. It is one of the most popular translation apps that is constantly evolving. Its type-translation feature supports 103 languages when online and 52 languages when offline. 


If you prefer talking over texting, you will find SayHi quite convenient. The app converts your voice into a transcribed message that your listener can hear or read. You can also choose the speed of the translated voice for your listener to understand the message better. Last, you can opt to translate in over 90 languages when using SayHi. 


Scan documents, menus, and signposts using TextGrabber. All you do is capture a text image for translation using the camera of your phone. Additionally, you can translate the text image in over 60 languages. Last, you do not need any internet connection to use the app. 

Microsoft Translator

Speaking of versatility, you can use Microsoft Translate for business or personal use. To use the app, say words, type words, or scan an image text for translation. Not only can you use a Translator on your smartphone but also your smartwatch. 

If you are an on-the-go traveler, then Translator will match your translation expectations well. 

Did I say that Translator is free to use? Yes. You can also share a conversation code for other users to jump into your chat room. 


Are you careful about what you eat in an exotic hotel? If so, WayGo will translate your menu for you to request what you like to eat. You can also find your way when in a foreign country using the app. 

How do you do that? 

Take your smartphone and scan the text using its camera. Afterward, the app will translate the Japanese, Korean, or Chinese text into English right on your camera screen. The translation process does not require any internet connection. 


To enjoy English blockbuster movies in Spanish, MyLingo will translate them for you. What you need is to connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi, carry your plug-in earphones, tap play on the app, and enjoy the movie. 

However, keep your phone on your lap for its microphone to sync with the theater sound. If you do not have it on your phone, visit your phone’s app store to download the app.


Dig deep into local nuances using the TripLingo app. You will understand the customs, slang, and etiquette of your target language. Hence, you will become more appealing during a conversation. 

If you are into a business, the app has a currency converter and a tip calculator. So, it is time to close that business deal as a pro by making a great first impression. Also, the Wi-Fi dialer allows you to make free international calls.

BK Translate Apps

If you are looking for a one-stop app shop, BK Translate has got you covered. The apps feature several languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and French. Importantly, each app has unique features. You can type, speak, or handwrite a word or sentence for BK apps to translate. Getting the apps for free is also a plus. Last, each app translates a language into English.

Day Translations

How about translating your text in 104 languages and your speech in 33 languages? Day translations is a free text translation app with an option to pay for natural-language translation services. So, the app is a machine that you can convert into a human. Importantly, you can make the app to pronounce translated words to know how to say them.

Future Trans Nuggets: Best Practices for a Translation Mobile App 

Now that you have selected your best translation app, how do you make the best out of it?

  1. Check its features – If you intend to use a translation app for a long time, check whether its features will support your future use of the app.
  2. Follow the developer’s guidelines – Visit the app developer’s website to get guidelines on using the app.
  3. Make your codes international – Ensure that your codes match the ones of your target location. Also, the codes should be easy to update.
  4. Consider the translation memory – Ensure that your app has enough memory to improve the speed and costs of translation.
  5. Liaise with a localization management platform – Subscribing to localization management will keep your app updated and relevant.
  6. Choose a language partner – Selecting a good language partner will allow you to get advice on cultural, technological, and translation issues.

For All Your Translation Needs

Future Trans is a one-stop shop for all your translation needs. We pride ourselves in localizing the Middle East and African languages for over 25 years. With over a dozen language support of Hebrew, Tigrinya, Urdu, Arabic and Turkish translation services. Contact us now for all your translation needs.

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