Top 10 Tips to Stay Stylish & Trendy!

Most of the time, this is not important. But sometimes it happens – such as when you are going on a date, meeting a friend, interviewing for a dream job. The perception you make in these situations can have real, measurable results in your quality of life.

Here, we bought you 10 styling wardrobe so that you can create space, save money and look the best you have. Follow the below given 10 fashion tips to stay stylish and trendy

Know your body shape

The Golden Rule of Stylish Women? Fit first. With this, it is important to know the shape of your body. Consider yourself the shape of a petite pear and prefer to light up your shoulders? Build your wardrobe with clothes that put a spotlight on your size and favorite features.

Classics are a Class

Classics do not have to be boring. Invest in timeless pieces such as a nice jacket, a pair of shoes or some tailored blouse. Classics mix and match easily and can be dressed up or down.

Step outside your comfort zone

“It never hurts to try something new. Whether it incorporates a bright new color, pops out of your usual neutral palette, or transfers from skinny jeans to a boyfriend silhouette, great style is created by trying new things. Who knows what trends you might fall in love with! 

Wear clothes that fit

Of all the style crime out there, this one is probably the worst. It doesn’t matter how cute the shirt is, what a brilliant color it is, or how fashionable it is if it doesn’t fit, it won’t look good.

Color coordination

Choose two or three colors to base your outfits and then go off that with your clothes and accessories and even your makeup! You will look pulled together and grow with whatever plan you have.

Mix styles

They say opposites attract. And it is never worse than the style world. Have a glam sequin skirt? Add a little edge to it by wearing a denim jacket over the top. What about a feminine pencil skirt? Try a darker kurti denim shirt. Always refer to this style tip as yin and yang.

Always Accessorize

Who doesn’t own an accessory? Make sure you wear one accessory matching with the outfit, whether it’s a statement necklace, a pop-color bag or a large pair of earrings (or all of the above). If you are planning to buy it for your girls then you can always go for online birthday gifts from any store. A perfect pick to shine out any pair of clothing. 

Style uniform

Find your go-go style equally that looks good on you and you feel great. Follow the 4B’s – blazer, button-down, blue jeans and ballet flats. It is a comfort food in a dress.

Know your wardrobe inside out

It seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget what’s there in our closet – and, for many of us, there will be a lot of pieces hidden that haven’t been seeing the light of day for years, or that have been forgotten during lockdown . So, before you go out in the market and buy something brand new, make sure you have a very clear idea of ​​what you already own in your wardrobe.

Do not go to extra shopping Spree

Often we get caught up in the rattles of style, feeling that we hate everything in our wardrobes and have nothing to wear. When this happens, more often than not, we go into a big shopping freak and end up spending huge amounts of money on the latest trendy things that are sitting in our wardrobes forever, never worn. Do not let it reach this point. Instead, keep an eye out for the pieces you love throughout the year and pay attention to the things you miss when you feel it. You have to visit this site to know about get your Yeezy.


If you want a beautiful makeup look, choose red lips or neutral shades. Keep makeup simple and minimal. White or skin colored eyeshadows, black or brown eyeliner and minimal contouring and blush. An overdone controlled look dilutes your face and brings out your cheekbones, but being too much holiday can make you look malnourished. This is especially true for already beautiful women.

Stay Stylish! Stay trendy!

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