Tips to improve the energy class!

You are really interested in saving energy, perhaps because you are particularly attentive to the environment or perhaps because you are particularly attentive to your wallet.

The energy efficiency of buildings

To find out how efficient the buildings are, just take into consideration the statistics and it emerges that: the annual per capita consumption of electricity is around 1100 kWh. This is a figure that has been slowly decreasing over the last few years, but which could be further refined if waste is avoided and simple precautions are adopted on our purchasing behavior and use of household appliances.

First of all we clarify that, unless you have to carry out a complete renovation of the property, it will not be possible for you to reach class A, but you will certainly be able to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home and, sometimes, with measures whose cost it is really ridiculous.

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Interventions that require a minimum cost (which you can recover within a year)

So far I have explained to you some behaviors to adopt that will surely save you money, but if you invest a very small amount, your energy savings can significantly increase.

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Here’s what you should do.

  • Install a shower head that delivers 5 liters per minute in the shower to avoid wasting hot water.
  • Apply jet sprayers to all taps in the house.
  • Replace the incandescent bulbs with led or low consumption ones.
  • Install thermostatic valves on the radiators, so you can better regulate the temperature of each room.
  • If you live in a single house, you can plant trees to shade the house where it is sunny (a good indication especially if you live in the south).
  • Behind the radiators, mount cork panels covered with aluminum. They are heat reflective and therefore will prevent heat from spreading outwards.
  • Have your heating system overhauled regularly, especially having the boiler cleaned. Failure to maintain it will not only lead to waste, but can also lead to serious carbon monoxide leakage accidents.
  • To illuminate the outdoors, choose solar-powered spotlights, you will only have to bear the purchase cost, after which you will have light for free.
  • Buy mixer taps instead of the classic two with hot and cold water. This way you will save water because the temperature regulation is fast and does not need constant corrections.
  • Have thermal insulation screens installed on the windows, or films that protect them from the excessive heat of the sun (a recommendation addressed especially for those who live in the south).
  • Install toilet flushes with the saver button. This button reduces the water supply by approximately 50%.
  • Eliminates all drafts and cold air infiltrations from the outside.

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