Tips and tricks for finding a good gardener

Lawn, plants, landscaping… Beautifying your home over the seasons also involves taking care of the outdoor spaces! This maintenance requires time and specific know-how. Finding a gardener at home is therefore a step that should not be overlooked in order to enjoy clean, quality green spaces all year round. Who should you choose to maintain your garden? What means are available to find and compare professionals? Methods and tips: Ootravaux supports you in your search to select a gardener that meets your expectations.

Who do you call for gardening work?

Before looking for a home grassoorten gardener, you must first determine exactly what your needs are. This will guide your choice based on the services and expertise of the various professionals on the market. Simply mowing the lawn or creating a complete layout with plants and a garden pond? The request differs!

A professional will take your wishes into account to create a unique outdoor space that meets your tastes. He will select the plants adapted to withstand low temperatures and enhance your home. Two main categories of specialists stand out in this sector:

  • The Gardener ;
  • The Landscape Company.

To simplify your search, Ootravaux presents the various professionals who can carry out the maintenance of your garden.

The gardener: your daily adviser

With varying levels of experience and skill, gardeners are capable of performing a multitude of tasks. They look after the well-being of your plants and take your tastes and preferences into account. To benefit from a very affordable price, you can opt for an unskilled home gardener. He will take care of the simplest jobs such as mowing, brushing, leaf collection, hedge trimming, and watering. For more advanced tasks, it is recommended to hire an experienced gardener. In addition to conventional work, he can:

  • Ensure The Good Growth Of All Types Of Plants;
  • Take Care Of Mulching;
  • Carry Out Pruning ;
  • Add Fertilizer And Weed In Sensitive Areas

Depending on his level of skill, he will be very good advice on the varieties of plants to favor and the arrangements to be made. The universal service employment check (CESU) makes it easy to declare and pay an employee at home under the status of a private employer. You can opt for a CESU gardener and benefit from simplified administrative formalities. You also benefit from a tax credit equivalent to 50% of the costs for your current gardening work.

The landscaper: an all-terrain expert

Do you want a change in your garden? A landscape gardener will be the ideal solution for making multiple arrangements. His skills are not limited to botany: he has many resources. His company offers you, for example, to build borders, terraces, low walls, palisades, and others to enhance your exterior and your plants.

With more complete know-how than a gardener, the home landscaper brings your ideas to life and concretizes the visual and practical aspects of your garden. It is capable of pruning the most fragile varieties and creating pond or garden paths and borders. His rates are generally higher than a gardener because of the many services offered and his level of expertise. It is possible to use a landscaping company for a specific need or for high-quality maintenance throughout the year.

How do you find a gardener near you?

The home gardener is essential when you don’t have time to take care of your pampas grass garden. However, finding a reliable and efficient professional can also be time-consuming. Fortunately, various solutions are at your disposal to find a gardener or a landscaper who corresponds to your needs.

Appeal to those around you: word of mouth is one of the best options for ensuring the seriousness of a gardener and the quality of his skills. The opinions of trusted people allow you to effectively judge the services offered. You can see for yourself the work done at the home of your loved ones by the gardener or landscaper in question.

Internet search engines: thanks to the web, it has never been easier to obtain a list of gardeners in your geographical area. In a few clicks, you have access to their official website, the description of their benefits and services, as well as customer reviews.

Linking platforms: like Ootravaux, specialized sites offer the possibility of putting you in touch with qualified professionals. In addition to a lot of information, you can directly request a quote specifying your needs.

Compare professionals

Professional gardener or landscape company, it is important to make a good comparison to choose who to entrust with the realization of your home gardening work. There are multiple criteria to help you:

With numerous training, the specialists display different qualifications for garden maintenance, landscaping, landscape masonry, and many others… If a great experience in botany is always an advantage, labels such as QualiPaysage, Ecocert, Plante Bleue, or Jardin Remarquable attest to the quality of the work of a gardener or landscaper.

If the price of the service remains an essential notion, do not hesitate to ask for several proposals to compare. In addition to the hourly price, it is necessary to take into consideration the services and skills of each gardener.

A good relationship is essential to choosing a gardener who will take care of your garden over the months. In particular, you can take the opportunity to negotiate the amount of the benefits under better conditions thanks to a long-term commitment.

If it is a landscaping company, it must have a ten-year guarantee.

As part of a specific service, balance the deadline and the duration of the construction site of the various professionals.

The rules of a good quote

It is strongly advised to provide the gardeners with as much detail as possible about your project beforehand. Feel free to call them to chat and see what suggestions they can provide.

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