The Ultimate Guide to Casino Games

With so many casino games to explore, it can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of options offered by online and land-based casinos, and written an exhaustive guide for each option. Our casino gaming guide details everything you need to know about rules, variations, strategies and more. Here’s our guide to all casino games, so you can quickly jump to the ones that interest you the most.

Our list of casino game guides

Our ultimate guide to casino games also includes information on the different types of casino games, as well as some tips on how to choose which game to play. We also offer advice on playing casino games online and answer some frequently asked questions about casino games.

Types of casino games

There are dozens of popular casino games. Most of them fall into one of several main categories, depending on the rules, game mechanics, and a few other factors. Below is a quick overview of the main types of games you can find in casinos.

  • Slots – It’s hard to start anywhere else because slots are by far the most popular casino game. They combine cool graphics, fast gameplay, and the chance to win big. Many people think that slot machines are also one of the easiest casino games, but this is not always the case.
  • Table games – blackjack, roulette, baccarat and similar games all belong here. You can find them in almost every brick and mortar and online casino.
  • Video Poker – No list of casinos 世博 games is complete without video poker. Games like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better have been around for decades and have a strong fan base among casino enthusiasts.
  • Professional Games – There are many types of casino games in this category, including bingo, lottery-style games, scratch-off games, and other games that don’t fit anywhere. Professional games are becoming more and more popular online, and more and more software providers regularly release new products of this type.

This is the traditional classification of casino games, based primarily on game mechanics. However, you can use other factors to separate casino games into different groups, such as the following.

  • Easy Casino Games – Some casino games do not involve any strategy, they are mostly about mindless entertainment. Most slot machines, roulette and many specialty games fall into this category.
  • Casino games that involve skill – If you want your decisions to affect the end result, the best casino games to play are video poker, blackjack, Caribbean poker and other table games that involve strategy.
  • Casino games have a lower house edge – All casino games have a house edge, but in games like blackjack, French roulette, and video poker, you have a much smaller disadvantage.
  • Casino games with jackpots – For some, it’s not about strategy or low house edge; they just want a chance to win big. If there are jackpots online and all categories of games can include jackpots, you have a chance.

Where to play online casino games

Most land-based casinos around the world offer mainstream casino games. However, if you’re looking for obscure options, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them in most places. It’s just the biggest gambling destination in places like Las Vegas and Macau, and it covers just about every type of game. This is why it is so much better to choose an online casino. Most gambling sites offer hundreds of online casino games and offer other perks like huge bonuses and promotions. Here are all the games we cover.


Millions of people from all over the world love blackjack for good reason. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master, which is always a recipe for success. Almost all online and land-based casinos have at least a few blackjack tables, so you can easily enjoy your game. If you learn how to play well, the house edge can become very low compared to other popular casino games, which is another reason to choose blackjack. However, you should be careful with different variants as rule changes can affect the optimal strategy.


Legend has it that the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first version of roulette as early as the 17th century. We don’t know if this is true, but casino games are among the most popular in the world today. You can enjoy it online and live, but it’s important to be careful with the variants on offer. The house edge can be higher if there are two zeros on the board (as is the case with American roulette).


There are hundreds of slot machines online, and most land-based casinos have plenty of them too. They range from classic games with simple game mechanics to modern VR products that rely on the latest technology. There are also many subcategories based on jackpots, house edge, symbols, themes and many other criteria. It’s nearly impossible to cover everything, but we did our best in our slot machine guide.


Undoubtedly, craps is the most famous dice game in casinos. Some hate it, some love it, but no one can deny that waiting for the dice to fall is one of the most exciting experiences you can have at a land-based casino. By contrast, the online versions of the games are a bit boring, as they lack the excitement that comes with crowded tables. But a lot of people still like them because they offer nonstop action.

Video poker

Some people believe that video poker machines provide the most complete casino experience. The game involves strategy, it’s fast, the house edge is low, and if you’re lucky, you can win big.


Baccarat is known as a game that attracts high rollers. You can see insane table limits at the biggest casinos in Macau and Las Vegas. Baccarat can win or lose millions, and while the game isn’t as popular online, it’s still available in many places.

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