The True Nature of A Norwegian Forest Cat

Are you the type of person that loves going around and finding peace with the people that you love? Someone who can look after another creature besides himself or herself? Maybe having your pet is the perfect gift for you.

Various individuals are now invested in having a dog or cat in their household because of the different types of joy that it brings. Some say that cats are responsible for making their days extra happy and meaningful while others claim that they felt loved whenever their cat is snuggling them.

You should think first about what type of pet are you going to get. The animals available for adoption include cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, birds, and other domesticated pets. Furthermore, you should also talk to the other members of your household about this matter, since they will also be a vital part of raising your pet and looking after them when you are absent. To ensure that your pet has the best possible care, be sure to get pet insurance. You can learn more about it at

Cats are very friendly and loving. Women love having a cat in their home because it adds personality and keeps them company. They are not high maintenance compared to other pets. They know how to move around in the area and ask you something when they are hungry or thirsty.

In line with this, there are various cat breeds that you can know check before having one. They vary in size, colour, attitude, and many more. You may opt for a livelier and more energetic cat. While others are more focused on looking after a bigger cat because it is more appealing for them.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is an elegant and ancient breed of domestic cat originating in Northern Europe with a rich history and distinct characteristics. This particular breed became popular in the community and most homeowners are dreaming to have one in their household.

Moreover, Norwegian Forest cats are gentle and friendly and do not demand your constant attention. It is a great choice for those with children that want to have a pet since they love human company despite their independence.

You may also click here for more information on pets or companion animals in general. These are relevant details that you must know before adopting because you must be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready before starting to look after another creature in your life.

Physical Characteristics

Although this breed is gentle and fond of human attention, it is physically strong and is larger than the average cat with a striking appearance especially males that tend to be larger than their female counterparts. You can now think of which one will best suit your personality.

You can also choose what type of colour and appearance your pet must possess. Giving them extra tender loving care and help them adjust easily and be calmer whenever they are around you or the other members of your family. They love it when you rub their belly when they are feeling sleepy.

Cats are also friendly towards visitors. You can just pat their head or back and in an instant, they will feel that they are safe with you. There are also some moments that they can get rebellious. This happened when they want something, but you cannot give it to them due to various circumstances.

They also have a very distinguishable double coat consisting of a topcoat of glossy, long, and shedding hair and an undercoat for insulation. This link: has a great explanation of how genetics determine a cat’s fur. It is also a helpful discussion to understand the nature of cats.

History of the Norwegian Forest Cat

It is widely believed that the Norwegian Forest Cat has existed for a very long time, some estimate that the cat was introduced to Northern Europe as early as 1000 AD and is believed to have contributed to Norse Mythology as there are mentions of large cats with long hair in Norse myths.

These myths show that domestic cats have been in northern Europe for thousands of years however, whether the cats in the Norse myths are the modern-day Norwegian Forest Cats is not certain. Some pet owners do not care about the history and where their cats came from. They just want to look after it and shower it with love and affection.

Norwegian Forest cats were likely brought by the Vikings to Norway from their raids in the British Isles. It was only in the early seventies and by the efforts by the Norwegian Forest Club that the breed averted extinction by creating an official breeding program. It is amazing how a pet can have so much history and meaning in their past generation.

Because of their early introduction into Norway and Northern Europe, the breed has adapted to survive in cold weather and extreme weather conditions and came to be known as skogkatt or the Norwegian Forest Cat. It is one of the best characteristics of this particular breed compared to others.

Today it is one of the most popular cat breeds in Norway and other northern European countries. There are also some places in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia that are keen on having Norwegian Forest Cat in their place. This is a piece of great news because they will not be deprived of the proper love and care that they need.

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