The Real Costs Of Fighting A Personal Injury Lawsuit: According To Lawyers


You will need an experienced lawyer if you want to file a personal injury lawsuit. Even if the attorney agrees to work with you on a contingency fee agreement, you should consider other unavoidable expenses. If you are unaware of the contingency fee agreement, it means you don’t have to pay your personal injury attorney until you receive compensation.

If you don’t know what other fees you may have to pay while fighting a personal injury lawsuit, continue reading. A reputed Oakland personal injury lawyer explained the real cost of a personal injury lawsuit. In this article, you will know about the legal service fees with other expenses.

The Real Cost of A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Before you determine to file a lawsuit or settle the case, it’s essential to consider the following cost associated with personal injury litigation.

1) Court Costs

You need to pay the court costs that include the filing fee, stipend of the jurors, fees for summons, and complaints. If you want a copy of the in-court testimony, you need to pay for that as well. The court costs can be around $200 to $500 besides the copy of the transcript. The cost of the copy of the transcript can be $2 to $4 dollars per page, and the all-day transcript can reach around $400-$450.

2) Administrative Expenses

Apart from court fees, there are also administrative costs that include legal research, postage, copying, and creating trial exhibits. Although the administrative expenses can be a few hundred dollars for minor cases, it can go up to even a few thousand dollars in cases that last several years.

3) Attorney Fees

Usually, attorneys work on contingency fee agreements for plaintiffs. If you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, your attorney may agree to work on a contingency agreement. That means your attorney will receive a certain percentage of you the compensation you get if you win the case.

On the other hand, the attorney will not get anything if you lose the case. However, this contingency agreement is not available for the insurance companies. Learn more about personal injury law that can help you to file a lawsuit on your own.

4) Expert Witness Fees

After attorneys fees, expert witness fees are the largest expenses during personal injury litigation. An expert witness charges several hundred dollars per hour to prepare the report for trial. Usually, it can cost you several thousand dollars. However, the cost can even go up to ten thousand dollars if your case requires multiple expert witnesses.If you need any workers compensation lawyers and personal injury attorneys, then must visit Dugan and Associates

You will need at least a single expert witness if the personal injury case goes for trial. Since you need to prove certain technical arguments, you cannot win the case without an expert witness. Moreover, the court also mandates expert witnesses in certain cases like medical negligence.

5) Costs Associated With Evidence and Information Collection

Although the cost associated with primary evidence, such as medical records or police reports, costs you nothing, you may have to pay for private investigation services. If you want special legal research and gathering evidence, the cost of information collection can be significant.

6) Deposition Costs

A deposition cost can amount to $500 dollars for recording the non-trial testimony. It involves a stenographer recording the answers of witnesses. If you want a copy of the transcript and the recording of the non-trial testimony, you have to pay a deposition fee.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above article has helped you to understand the different costs associated with fighting a personal injury lawsuit. So, you should consider them before you file for a personal injury lawsuit. It’s better if the matter can be solved outside of the courtroom. However, you should take guidance from your personal injury lawyer on what you should do based on your case.

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