The online sports gambling industry is growing and is showing no signs of stopping

Online sports betting has been around for a while now, but in the last couple of years, it has boomed very significantly. There are many reasons for this boom, and experts are predicting online sports betting to only grow further.

Opening of sporting events

2021 was mainly the year when online sports betting really skyrocketed, and this was due to a couple of reasons. For one, the big sporting events were back on track after the COVID-19 lockdowns. During the pandemic many sports events saw the need to cancel or postpone, giving us a long break from sports. The EURO 2020 in soccer, for example, was held in 2021. 

Another event, the Super Bowl, is known as the biggest sporting event in the world, attracting millions of viewers and billions of dollars in wagering. During the year of the pandemic, it had to be shown to a smaller audience. However, this year it was finally back to its normal stage, and people could once again bet on super bowl. It is reported that an estimated $7.61 billion was wagered on the event by US citizens alone. 

Legalization of betting 

Another big reason why betting is becoming increasingly more popular is the fact that more states and countries around the world are deciding to legalize gambling. In 2021 alone, no less than 11 states passed bills that legalized gambling such as online sports betting and online casinos. This is a huge factor in the gambling industry, and more states are expected to join the legal gambling scene in the time to come. 

Easy access

The fact that no matter where you live, you can gamble and wager so easily nowadays, is definitely playing a huge role when it comes to online sports betting. You can easily bet online through websites and apps, and learn about NFL teams and smart betting at BetUS. In this way, more people have easy access to the sport and games, and the betting can be done either before or during a big game. 

Online sports betting is definitely on a rise, and with more people betting, and several states legalizing it, popularity does not seem to stop anytime soon! We are excited to see the developments that are set to happen in the online gambling industry. 

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