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The must-have SEO extensions for Chrome

Anyone in business or marketing knows the importance of SEO.

Studies confirm that more than ninety-five percent of people learn about a local company online than any other media.

Being smart is significant in any area of life including SEO.

You can work on improving the SEO and save your time with certain Google extensions.

This article intends to help you locate some highly important must-have SEO extensions among the many extensions available in the Chrome store.


MozBar extension allows you to check the search metrics, website ranking, and all aspects of on-page SEO.

This extension provides you with the domain authority (DA) for any site you see in the search result. This makes MozBar an ideal tool if you wish to get an idea about the competition landscape by being on the search results page.

Besides this, the tool lets you view a webpage’s metadata.


When you are surfing on the internet, you are more likely to read some articles, and you may wonder how well the article is doing.

With Buzzsumo extension, you could see the number of social shares and backlinks an article has. – An email address search tool

Although is not a SEO extension, it is an important tool for email marketers. This is an email address search tool is used to find email address format of anyone on this planet.

This tool comes with LinkedIn extension and Gmail extension, to download the email address from these platforms.

By using machine learning and big data algorithm the tool make sure to give accurate results.


Are you spending time learning your position in the search engine for keywords?

That must be time consuming?

Here’s a great tool to make this job easy for you.

Get Fatrank extension, type in the keyword you wish to see the rank. And if your site ranks in the top hundred, the Fatrank extension will let you know the exact position.

While on the other hand, if your site doesn’t rank in the first hundred, then it will let you know that.


Ahrefs Chrome extension is a great tool to access search engine optimization metrics and enables you to analyze and segment the data easily.

SEO minion

Who would not like to get a good insight of any website at one glance? Well, SEO minion extension is capable of giving you details like metas, broken links, alt text, links, etc.


If you love getting a detailed summary of your website, then SEOquake extension is just right for you.

You can get details like your site’s indexing details for search engines like Google & Bing, Alexa rank, SEMrush rank, etc.

The tool gives the diagnosis report of your website too.

Concluding thoughts

As mentioned before, you have many extensions and tools when it comes to SEO, you just need to pick the right tools or extensions for you.

Time being, you can start with the extensions stated in this article.

And if you find any of these extensions not fulfilling your need, you may stop using them and look for an alternative solution.

So, go test these extensions by yourself.

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