The Guide That Makes Building an eCommerce Brand on Instagram Simple

There is a lot of information out there about how to use Instagram for online marketing. Yet, scaling your company online with Instagram might be difficult if you’re a new e-commerce brand with few followers.

It’s common to have weak engagement levels with new accounts, which is discouraging. Although, some methods stand out to help you get past this teething problem on Instagram.

So now, let’s look at why Instagram works well for marketing. We’ll also explore how you can build your company and promote your eCommerce brand if you don’t have any followers.

Why Market With Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-based social media platform, which is vital for marketing these days. As consumers, we tend to remember products that we see in videos and pictures rather than text.

As well, Instagram has a growing number of users that are adept at shopping online. Therefore, it makes sense you should tap into the selling potential you could gain through Instagram marketing.

But how do you engage your audience and build your e-commerce brand on this platform?

Instagram SEO

Since November 2020, Instagram has made an update to its search function. It added general keywords to its search function, much like Google. So with this new algorithm, you have the potential to carry out Instagram search engine optimization (SEO).

So now, you should be thinking about optimizing your Instagram account too by having killer content. This way, you can better show up on more organic search results for your relevant keywords.

Identify and Order Your Keywords

You have to decide which keywords you wish to rank for. You can use special tools to research your keywords like Google Keyword Planner, for example.

Once you’ve decided on your keywords, you need to put them in order of importance. This may be different depending on whether you want to drive more traffic to your page or make more conversions.

If you want to make conversions, it is pretty essential to establish a strong reputation. With Instagram, “likes” are king.

One way you can get around having few likes is to buy likes for Instagram. This way, when a potential customer lands on your page, they may be impressed with the significant number of likes you have and then perceive your brand in a positive manner. This, in turn, can lead to sales.

Have KPIs in Place

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a must when marketing on Instagram. Without them, you’ll be in the dark about any progress or impact you make on the platform.

When you have measurable KPIs, you can see where things are going right and wrong. When things aren’t going too well, you can make alterations to your marketing strategy.

Post regularly and encourage your followers to share them

Instagram is one of the social media sites that rewards users for posting on a regular basis. The greater the number of photographs you publish to your Instagram account, the greater the likelihood that your Instagram account will become popular. Remember to put in the effort to make each piece distinct, educational, and visually appealing to your readers.

You should always encourage your followers to share and interact with your Instagram posts. One fantastic tool you can use is DownloadGram. Using anyone can download Instagram photos, videos, or reels and repost them on their own Instagram account. There’s no registration required, and no software is needed. The more people that share your Instagram content via Downloadgram, the more likely people will find your Instagram account and follow you.

Develop Your eCommerce Brand

Developing your eCommerce brand on Instagram is a wise decision. Spending time and effort in growing your Instagram reputation will be crucial to your success on the platform. And, if you employ some of the core tips we’ve looked at, it won’t be as hard as it seems.

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