Tactics To Cut Event Cakes Into Equal Pieces With Any Hassle

Cakes occupy an important position at an annual festivity. They have long earned the status of setting the atmosphere of a happy occasion with their gorgeous beauty and delightful taste. These are favorites of everyone during the special events and no celebration seems to be complete in itself with their gorgeous presence. In simple words, they add a finishing touch to an event such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding that was not possible otherwise. 

Desserts are mostly available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs to choose from to perfectly match the theme of a yearly celebration to make it memorable forever without any hassle. Not only this, they are usually available in an endless range of flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, black forest and much more. 

Just buying the right confection is no longer sufficient and one needs to develop the skill to cut them into equal parts without which even the best cake in the market would hardly have any value. Here, here in this write-up we would discuss some of the trendiest tips to cut your event dessert accurately.

Cut Into Equal Pieces:

First, you need to cut your favorite dessert into 4 quarters using two cuts. One of them must be horizontally down to the center and the other vertically down at the same place. After that it’s time for you to collect them and arrange them in a sequential order to form a stack. Consider cutting the 4 blocks of a dessert that you have created just now into halves by creating the third cut using a knife that is big enough for cutting the entire confection at a single go. In case you cannot find one such cutter anywhere, then think about using a smaller variant that is capable of cutting your cake in parts. Ensure you have 8 loaves in hand, that is 4 large and 4 smaller ones. Remember to wipe the edge of the blades of the knife that you are planning to use well with a piece of clean cloth to make sure that it is not contaminated. Also, dip the edge of the knife in a glass of lukewarm tap water. Leave the cutter in this position till you are ready to divide the dessert into equal pieces. If you find this project a little tough for you because of lack of skill or right tools, then do not hesitate to buy a birthday cake online from an internet based business that has ample manpower to cut a given type of dessert as per your specification using sophisticated tools.

Start by scoring a straight line at the center of the cake. There are many ways out for this, but the most workable way out for this is to hold the cutter above the cake with both hands. Use your dominant hand to grab the handle tightly and tip with the fingertips of the non- dominant one.

Go for online cake delivery in Mumbai and it usually comes packed elegantly inside a designer dessert box with a complementary knife and brightly colored candles that is hardly the case while working with a physical cake store that usually charges for almost everything.

Create Long And Thin Slices:

Did you know that most of the attendees of a special event usually prefer to have slices of cakes that are cut long and thin? This pattern goes especially well with a round shaped confection. Decide on the size and width of each block based on the total number of guests that you are expecting to be present at your special event or those close to your heart.

Know who you would be cutting your cake and explain to him clearly the size and width that you wish each confection to have.

Slice The Smaller Round Into Triangular Blocks:

Once you have perfectly cut the outer slices to your satisfaction, move on to the smaller one that often needs to be divided into triangular shapes. Divide the inner round into half through the center. Cut it to half again at a 90-degree angle from the earlier one.

Send cakes online positively that can be easily cut into pieces for adding to the upcoming festive season that will surely appeal to the heart of your dearest ones.

Simply the cake cutting process during your happy occasions or that of your close ones by sticking to the above-mentioned guidelines.

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