Stone coated roofing tiles Buying Guide in Kenya

Construction has been made easy with the invention of tiles. For perfect roofing, one needs to consider a roofing tile type that may work well with the specific house design. There are different types of roofing tiles, for a convenient architectural procedure one needs to have rigorous research on the same.

Useful nuggets on stone coated roofing tiles in Kenya

Stone coated roofing tiles have replaced iron roofing techniques over time, it is the most embraced roofing technique in modern construction. For stability and elegance, stone coated tiles enhance the vitality of the roof. These tiles are available in different types.

Classic Profile

In relation to elegance and an easy look, the classic profile automatically brings out unique glamour and splendor to the roofing design. These tiles are accessible in a variety of colors to befit one’s liking. They are eligible for any type of construction design ranging from traditional-based homes to homes that require modern architectural designs.

The definitive lines and tilting edges of these tiles enhance the depth and dimensional projection of the roof.

Shingle Profile

Shingle profile is suitable for those who fancy the impression that asphalt shingles present. Blended with high quality, durability, and outstanding stamina, the Shingle profile makes a perfect impression.

These tiles are simple to install. The invisible fastenings ensure the water-tightness of the roof. The shingles are unique in the way that they have distinct ridges which interlock to resist weather elements.

The stone coated roofing tiles prices in Kenya vary from one distributor to another and also the type one chooses.

Milano Profile

Milano profile practically mimics the outstanding glamour of the statuesque Mediterranean bringing out a look that is not only authentic but also effective. The striking ridges and curves make it unique and glorious after completion.

The Milano tiles possess a distinct indentation that fits both modern and traditional building infrastructure. The steady flow of curves and exhibition of natural colors presents a definitive look.

For watertight roofing, Milano tiles interlock effortlessly ensuring safety from damages that may be caused by leaking water.

Benefits of stone coated roofing tiles

Extreme durability –The tile’s core is made with steel then natural stone flakes varnished over it in a process that secures the chips permanently to the core. This ensures high rendition and a quality product that has a long lifespan.

Easy installation –They are light in weight, therefore, you don’t need to spend so much on timber as you may use less timber for the roofing frame. The structural installation is quick and easy.

Leak Proof – The tiles are made in a way that they interlock easily and links onto one another to prevent leaking after installation.

Corrosion resistance – The stone coated roofing tiles are varnished with thin natural stone flakes, hence, they do not rust or corrode even when subjected to harsh weather conditions.


The stone coated roofing tiles bring out a flawless progression of roofing tiles that enhances a positive bearing making the house stand out among other houses. If thinking of replacing old roofs, classic tiles may boost and revitalize the design of the home.

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