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The 170m tiger global 1b is a great investment that you can make if you are willing to put in some work Aprilkesslerpropublica. It is important to keep in mind that there are several factors that can influence your returns on this investment. However, if you are willing to do a little research, you can find the information that you need to make the best decision.


Tiger Global stepped up their game recently by raising $11 billion for their latest venture capital fund. They have a long history of making a splash with their slick style of funding and their well oiled machine of a team has no shortage of talent. The Tiger Global juggernaut is no stranger to the African continent as evidenced by their investment in five African startups in the past five years, which has been a boon to the ecosystem at large. Earlier this year, the company announced their largest-ever venture capital deal, the acquisition of a 50% stake in Relativity Space, a rocket builder.


Flutterwave is Africa’s premier payments technology company. The company offers a suite of solutions to empower African businesses, enabling custom payment applications through APIs. It was founded by entrepreneur Olugbenga Agboola. He says the company’s revenue has grown at 226% CAGR in the past three years.

The company has also partnered with major players such as Visa and Alipay to offer digital payments between Africa and China. It has also expanded into 33 African countries, and has reached over 290,000 merchants. A new product called Flutterwave Mobile is being developed to help accelerate ecommerce growth. In addition, Flutterwave launched the Flutterwave Store, which provides a platform for over 20,000 merchants to sell online.


It’s not surprising to see Tiger Global’s latest venture capital fund raised a hefty $11 billion. In the last five years, the investment firm has deployed a tidy sum in 450 deals globally, with the likes of Opeyemi Awoyemi, founder of Nigerian startup afriPay and Congolese crypto startup Jambo’s, getting the attention of the Tigers of Wall Street. With the requisite funding in hand, the TFMA is now ready to invest in the next generation of African tech startups.

The TFMA recently took a gamble on the fintech scene and invested in the likes of Float, Flutterwave and Mono. Not surprisingly, the company’s portfolio is filled with the usual suspects: Nigerian companies and startups in the burgeoning e-commerce and digital marketing sectors. To top it all off, a sizable slice of the pie is earmarked for a new fund, dubbed Private Investment Partners, that will be used to back emerging tech stars.

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Tiger Global’s fundraising for its latest venture fund is nearing completion. The money is intended to give the firm exposure to early-stage startups. This could help Tiger become the biggest investor in new seed funds.

After raising eight funds totaling $23.4 billion, Tiger Global has $65 billion in assets under management. So far this year, the fund has invested in 118 companies. Its investments are up eight times from the same quarter a year ago, and its portfolio has increased 10x over the first five months of 2020.

In the first quarter of this year, Tiger Global outpaced every other venture investor by more than four to one. While other investors saw the stock market collapse, the fund saw the opportunity to invest in private e-commerce firms in China.

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The first quarter of this year has been a banner one for the fund. Its investment volume grew eightfold from the same quarter a year earlier. In addition to its usual esoteric investments, the firm has also been a lead investor in two major deals.

While Tiger Global has been hard hit by the recent downturn, it has been able to move quickly on some of its largest deals. The company notably invested in a social network, a payments app, and a crypto trading platform. Also, the firm has been a lead investor in several notable startup funding rounds. These include Brex, a corporate credit card issuer, and creator platform Patreon.

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