Should you start your career with a startup in Hyderabad?

AirBnB. WhatsApp. Instagram. Flipkart. What do these companies have in common? They all started out as small startup ventures and ended up as multi-million dollar companies that have changed the way we live, shop and interact. And they’re not the only ones. Every year, more and more startups enter the market as young entrepreneurs try their luck at becoming one of the industry big guns. And as a fresher in Hyderabad, the prospect of working at a startup might be very tempting when you consider the innovation and growth potential you’ll have.

So what should you do? Should you take the risk and begin your career at a startup? Or go with the better job security of larger corporates in the IT parks in Hyderabad? To save you from indecision, we’d like you to consider some reasons that make startups a great place for a fresher like you to kickstart your career. Take a look.

Quicker Career Growth

Yes, we’re starting off with the big guns. Since startups tend to avoid the rigid structures of traditional companies, your career growth will not be restricted by having to spend a requisite number of years at the same position before you’re considered for a promotion. At these companies, you can rise up the ranks pretty quickly, especially if you exhibit a lot of learning potential and high quality of work. And yes, those promotions will come with proportional increases in your salary too.

Constant Industry Exposure

If you’re someone who likes hands-on learning and wants to experience many different roles, a startup is a good choice for you. The smaller team of a startup means you’ll have a lot more responsibilities than you would at a traditional firm. This is a great opportunity to learn to work under pressure, experiment with your skills and develop new strengths. Best of all, you can be ensured that you’ll never fall into a rut when you’re working at a startup. The varied experiences you’ll gain here will go a long way towards preparing you for the future.

Greater Innovation

It goes without saying that startups are hotbeds of innovation. This means that if you’re working in any of the startups in Hyderabad, you’ll have a front row seat to some of the latest technology and digital solutions. Not only will you get to work with the newest tech, you might also be working on creating new problem solving tools and technology that could change the way we work today. Move over Elon Musk, there’s a new innovator in town.

Transition Space

Since startups are pretty much the antithesis of traditional organisations, you’ll find the environment a lot more informal and easy going. As a fresher, this is a great opportunity to transition from student to employee without suddenly having to contend with strict dress codes or hierarchies. The greater freedom that you’ll have in an informal structure will give you more time to spend on your work outcomes, taking you one step closer to your career goals. And when you’re working at a startup, there’s a much higher chance that your colleagues are going to be young risk-takers too, people who’ll share your vibe and outlook. So you’re bound to find a startup a great place to work and grow.

Flat Hierarchy

Always wanted to know what goes on in a CEO’s office? Well, at a startup you might just get to find out. Due to the small, close-knit nature of these companies, you’ll find yourself working closely with the founders and senior management quite often. Instead of a rigid hierarchy, you’ll have far higher chances of recognition for your work. So if you want to start your career by making connections, then startups could definitely be the right choice for you.

If you’re kicking off your career in a startup hub like  Hyderabad, you should give these young companies a chance. Do research the place well before you sign the contract, though. When it comes to your career, the only way is up.

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