Russian X-COM? Preview of the free multiplayer action RAM Pressure


The Moscow studio F95zone Interactive, with the support of the publisher represented by GDT, decided to engage in an absentee battle with Julian himself, the “tactical genius” Gollop, the creator of (the same) X-COM and (the one that is not very) Phoenix Point . Their game,  RAM Pressure,  still needs a lot of polish to carry the proud title of “a breath of fresh air in the genre,” but it already looks worthy of your time. Moreover, for this you will not have to part with the rubles you have earned with back-breaking labor.

Yes, you read that correctly, RAM Pressure is a shareware tactical, story-driven game with, attention, multiplayer element. We will talk about it a little later, especially since from the very beginning the developers do not allow going out “once upon a time” with opponents on the network. After all, you first need to understand the basics.

Familiarization with the game will be easy for both X-COM veterans and newcomers to the tactical genre. You have a squad of gallant fighters, representatives of the army of one of the three countries present in the game – Russia, the USA and China. On the global map, you can select a mission – a story chapter that opens only after a certain amount of intelligence, side missions and PvP skirmishes are collected, with the help of which this data can be obtained. Maps in RAM Pressure are generated randomly. They have a kind of template – for example, rails with wagons standing on them, and some passages in the mountains will always be in place, but the objects of the environment behind which you can hide the valuable crown of the operative will change their location. The Unity engine is responsible for the graphics, which sometimes shows an absolutely wonderful picture, especially at night. I would like to lead my squad to a small house on the outskirts, so that the fighters have a rest and hound jokes about stalkers, and not fight with enemy fighters, and that’s all.

In between sorties into enemy territory, you can and even need to manage your squad. Since HuniePop 2 a shareware game, the developers were forced to use a couple of tricky tricks, but, surprisingly, not in order to make you remember the CVV code on a bank card, but to create an even greater effect of engagement.

The game has a lot of weapons – about a hundred different types of machine guns, heavy machine guns, shotguns, alien developments and so on. You can attach various modifications to them, such as sights and triggers, and you should definitely attach improved armor to the fighters and give them more cartridges so that they can withstand even a skirmish with some unkillable Rambo in a dense forest. All this stuff (as well as new operatives) is bought with local dollars. They can be obtained for completing tasks (bucks are shared quite generously) or exchanging real rubles at a very favorable rate.

You can play without donation, but it is important to remember that the enemy in the game is always stronger than you. Even if in the description of the mission it is temptingly characterized as light, you should not rush into battle with a satisfied grin.RAM Pressure will hurt you. And no, the game will not remind you of wasted time during self-isolation – it will send a sniper with six points of armor or a fighter with a shotgun without the instinct of self-preservation at you. AI is very aggressive. He makes you actively move, look for new cover, insure your soldiers during their retreat (tactical, of course). You can only complete a mission, especially a story one, with constant monitoring of the state of your squad. Weapons need to be repaired, armor upgraded, and soldier upgraded.

Moreover, the fighters have a great variety of career options. In addition to the main classes, for example, stormtrooper or sniper, characters also receive subclasses. You can turn a soldier into a grenadier or even a hacker. The game already allows you to create a unique character, using 8 classes and many skills. In the future, there will be even more of them – the authors promise that they will moderate their ardor and stop at 12 compatible classes and 160 skills. One hundred sixty, Karl! (yes, the number of skills is so shocking that you can dust off an old meme).


In addition to the single player campaign, there is also multiplayer in RAM Pressure like Boku no Pico . It is closely related to the plot – for some intelligence you will have to fight with a live opponent. In addition, the first competitive season has already started in the game – with rating battles, leaderboards and other attributes. Finally, alliances will be added to the game in the future. It is now in beta, so it can be difficult to find a real opponent. But there is confidence that this issue will be resolved in the future. Now RAM Pressure is distributed through the official website of the game, where you can download the client, but a release on Steam is planned in the future .

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