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Casino bonuses have now become the norm and for a casino not to offer new players an incentive for joining, is highly unusual in today’s online gambling environment. The majority of casino bonus no deposit are now actually similar to each other and follow the pattern of free spins or deposit match ups, on your very first casino deposit. Some casinos like to combine the two and offer players a deposit bonus with some free spins thrown in for good measure. 

Bonuses: A Closer Look 

On face value alone, a bonus would look like a free gift from the casino to the untrained eye. However, those accustomed to online gambling will know that casinos never give out truly free cash, unless it is part of a points system, that involves customers playing certain amounts of cash on slots to collect points that can be converted into cash. Other exceptions can be cash gifts to VIPs, but even then, they have to spend large amounts to become VIP customers, so getting a little back on the house with no wagering requirments attached, is more of a thankyou for being a big spender than a free gift. 

Deposit match bonuses are mostly exclusive to new customers making their first casino deposit. Here a casino is willing to match a primary deposit 100%, up to a set amount. The industry standard is £100 but some casinos on rare occasions, have been known to go higher. This bonus can be very tempting to punters as they could end up with £200 to spend on their very first playing experience and this can go a long way.

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Wager Requirements 

Wagering requirements can actually put players off from taking up a casino bonus. However, some online casinos keep the wagering low and this makes it a less of an impossible target to meet. The norm in the industry for set wagering is between 20x and 40x and not every spin you make will be a losing one, so these wagering requirements can be met. 

Reload Bonuses 

Many online casinos now offer a reload bonus and this basically means that they are willing to add a bonus onto your second, third and sometimes even fourth deposit. For customers to benefit from this, these deposits need to be completed within a certain timeframe and the minimum deposit to activate a normal deposit match bonus and a reload bonus is between £10 and £20. Reload bonuses can be as generous as the original welcome offer, or they can be less generous, again this depends on the size of the casino you choose to play at. 

Reload bonuses and deposit match bonuses are also used to tempt players whose accounts may be lying dormant, to return to the casino and get back into the swing of things once again. Reload bonuses are also part of VIP programs or special events that mark occasions such as Christmas, where players are on holiday and have more spare time on their hands to deposit and play at casinos. Of all the bonuses, the reload bonus is probably the most flexible and useful of them all.

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