Quick tips about the causes of power problems and the importance of avs 30

An avs 30 refers to an automatic stabilizer for voltage of 30 amperes rating. The work of a stabilizer is to protect electrical equipment against damage from fluctuations in electric current. It disconnects the device whenever the voltage rises above or falls below the limits set and reconnects when the voltage returns to the normal limits.

All the electronic and electrical devices that use the mains power supply face the risk of getting damaged due to surges, lightning, blackouts, spikes, overvoltage, and low voltage. The devices, therefore, need to be protected from damages. And, the voltage stabilizer can help to prevent such effects.

This article will uncover the common types of problems in power supply, their causes, and how they can affect the electronic and electrical devices that use power. The voltage switcher connects the devices to the mains supply or outlet on the wall at the office, home, or industry. Listed below are some of the common causes of power fluctuations.

Interference in radio frequency or noise

These are short-lived disturbances of high frequency. They usually last for milliseconds. The noise, or high interference radio frequency, is caused by nearby devices such as radio, tv, mobile phones, transmitters, switching off or on of fluorescent lights, some loads, light dimmers, etc.

Surges or spikes

A surge or spike is a high voltage occurrence that happens for a short time in most cases. A spike can last for just a millisecond and are very common. Surges in the current occur when switching off or on other devices using the same mains supply.

They lead to ultra-high voltages up to thousands of amps and volts and can damage electronic appliances. Therefore you need to look for a stabilizer that can resist high voltages for a long time to protect your devices. The durability and resistance affect the avs 30 price in Kenya.

Low voltage

Low voltage or brownout happens when the current falls below the set limit in the mains supply.  The low current can last for a short time or a long time. Sometimes, it can even last for several days. It occurs in areas that do not have adequate electricity supply. When brownouts occur frequently, they can cause damage or malfunction to electrical equipment.

Rise in voltage

A rise in voltage or overvoltage occurs when the electric current goes higher than the normal voltage limits. It happens when the power comes back after cuts in supply or blackout. Substandard voltage switchers can be damaged easily by overvoltage and may not last long in areas that experience frequent blackouts. The Sollatek avs 30 price in Kenya is highly affected by its high quality.


The fluctuations in the electric current flow can cause severe irreparable damages to electrical and electronic appliances. These damages could lead to huge losses at homes in terms of repair or replacing the equipment. It can also lead to the loss of crucial data in the office. Stabilizers are therefore handy in reducing the risk of such problems.

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