Project management tools for hybrid teams

There are plenty of project management tools out there. The real problem can be working out exactly which one is most suited to the needs of your team. When your team is a hybrid one, this can make that decision just a little bit harder still. One thing you will have learned on any project manager course is that not every tool will work for every situation, every project or indeed every type of team. With this in mind, here are a few project management tools that you may want to consider for your hybrid team.


There are a number of features in ClickUp that you will not find in other project management tools. It can offer you:

  • Custom views – so that different sectors of your team can see things differently and you can toggle between them all. This means that if you prefer a scrum method, a GTD-style, or just simply prefer something less cluttered, you can adapt what you see.
  • You can reduce the number of meetings you attend
  • Assignment for tasks
  • Gantt charts
  • Customisable dashboards that can help you chart how long some tasks take, and potential issues ahead with workloads
  • Reminders
  • Time tracking
  • A range of integrations with other softwares including Zoom, Dropbox, Hubspot, Github and many more

If you are looking for a management tool that can help you to streamline all of your processes and ensure that your team, no matter where they are, can keep everyone else in the loop at all times, ClickUp could be it.  The highly adaptable nature of ClickUp means that it will do everything you need it to, and more. However, because there are so many features included in the tool there is a significantly higher learning curve to mastering it all. If you want to exploit its full potential, ensuring team members have had training on how to use it would be wise.


Used all over the world, Asana is a dynamic project management tool. However, it does have a few oddities that you may prefer to avoid. What is does have are:

  • User interface – this is intuitive and simple to use
  • Visual project timeline
  • Plenty of integration with thinks like Slack, Google calendar, Outplanr, Dropbox and Unito

On the whole, this is a great project management tool that may appeal to those who have only just gained their project management qualifications         and are still finding their feet. It helps with simple workflow management and is easy to use. However, in its free version it has limited features and can sometimes make collaboration a little trickier.


This is a great online project management tool and as the name suggests great for teamwork. It includes:

  • Intuitive dashboard – this is rather unique and allows you to look at just your most recent tasks, handy when there is a sea of work to sift through
  • Email integration – great when everyone is in different locations
  • Invoicing capability

Teamwork is really customisable and has a significant number of highly useful features to make it adaptable to a hybrid team. It also has good mobile applications. However, this is a tool that is better suited for smaller teams and less complex projects.

When it comes to deciding on tools for hybrid teams, it’s beneficial to have a run through of how each option works before rolling them out. This way, you reduce the risk of having to change over to a different tool as it doesn’t fit your team’s needs.

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