phil collins suffering health issues & no longer able to play drums

Legendary artist Phil Collins has recently suffered from health issues, impacting his ability to play the drums. Collins is best known as the frontman of the popular band Genesis, and for his solo career, which produced a variety of hits such as “In the Air Tonight” and “Easy Lover”. He has also been an acclaimed drummer, playing on a variety of albums including those of Eric Clapton and Robert Plant. Unfortunately, his recent health issues have prevented him from playing the drums.

Phil Collins’ Health Issues

Phil Collins has been dealing with a variety of health issues over the past few years, which have impacted his ability to play the drums. According to his official website, he has been suffering from “neurological problems”, which have caused him to lose feeling in his hands and feet. This has made it difficult for him to play the drums with the same level of skill and precision as before.

The health issues have also caused him to suffer from balance issues. Collins has stated that he has difficulty standing for long periods of time and that he can no longer play the drums for extended periods of time. He has also had to make use of a cane to help with his balance.

Impacts on Drumming Career

The health issues have had a significant impact on Collins’ drumming career. He is no longer able to tour and perform, and he has had to cancel a variety of shows and events due to his health. He is also unable to record new music, as his health issues prevent him from playing the drums with the same level of skill and precision as before.

Collins has also had to make some adjustments to his setup in order to continue playing the drums. He has had to switch to a smaller drum kit and has had to make use of a drum machine in order to keep up with the pace of the music.

Despite his health issues, Phil Collins remains an iconic figure in music. He is still able to write and produce music, and he continues to be a major influence on the music industry. His health issues have certainly had an impact on his ability to play the drums, but his legacy will remain intact.

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