Negative Effects of Robust Parenting

Kids are sometimes very mischievous and very funny too. They jump here and there like squirrels and create chaos with their mischief. Being little naughty is the part of childhood but when this naughtiness crosses the line and parents feel that this is the time to leave the role of adorable parents and wear the cloak of discipline and robust nature then sometimes parents also cross their lines and this imbalance breaks the bond of love and affection of kids with parents. Even in the matter of online learning students who learn online still take support of LMS portal because with the help of LMS portal students can learn online safely but some robust parents scold their kids for using help in learning. School management system in any school can be very strict to the students but even the school management system accepts that strictness beyond the limit can harm kids’ psychological status. Sometimes parents cross the line by being very rude to the children if they attain less marks in their tests and exams. Sometimes students think that now they are going to face the wrath of their parents if they could not achieve their academic targets. but these children really deserve such rude or robust behaviour. Robust parenting includes strict rules that must be followed and if not then they will be punished, kids can’t talk back, open communication is prohibited and they should be scared of parents. I don’t think so, because this way they won’t be focused instead, they panicked. So, let’s discuss negative effects of robust parenting:

  • Children cannot resist such behaviour and as a result they become silent and as they cannot vent out their feelings and emotions, they become aggressive and become weak in the matter of self-confidence. As a result, they become unable to make their own decisions.
  • Kids and students in such a family where authority remains in robust state always, becomes introverted and they lose command over good communication. Due to which they have very weak self-esteem, they could never read anyone’s behaviour and they start mutiny as soon as they get older against the authority.
  • Children learn from their parents and they follow them as an example their whole life. Based on this concept, children who go through a childhood full of such rudeness, they also behave in the same way with their own children in the future and won’t pay much attention to the emotional base of others and of their own children. 
  • Due to such negligence students lose their control over their own capacity to make decisions for his or her interests. As he or she has been dependent on his/her authoritative and robust parents’ whole life has to follow the orders of parents only so he or she has never learnt how to make their own decisions. As a result, for the rest of his/her life such children will be dependent on others.
  • Such kids have a lot buried in their heart. A lot of anger, frustration and stress which creates a volcano heating in the mind and when this volcano erupts, this causes very violent behaviour in the kids and sometimes harmful to other students and self-destructive too. 
  • Such students who face physical and mental abuse by their parents in order to make them genius, they have to go through a lot physically and mentally also and such continuous atrocities make students numb towards feeling anything. In their future life also, they don’t feel anything for anyone else and this makes such students a burden in their every relationship.

Therefore, there are various ways parents can bring their kids closer to them and escape to have such above mentioned negative effects on their children. Parents need to talk to their children when they want to make them aware of manners. If the child makes any mistake, then it is completely wrong to punish them, instead they should be made to understand their mistake politely and at the same time also the consequences of that mistake get repeated in future. Parents need to be epitome of those behaviours and manners which they want to induce in their children. In this way children will follow their parents and become good people. Parents should allow their children to ask their queries and get appropriate answers, to have a good level of knowledge.

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