Mother’s Day Email Campaigns: Have You Started Planning Yet?

Mother’s Day falls on the 10th of May this year (2021), and it’s going to be completely different than what it used to be in the past. The stay-at-home restrictions, vaccination drives, altered shopping preferences, and ecommerce boom will influence how people celebrate the festivity. Moms have been incredible blessings to all our lives, and as marketers, it’s time to help people cherish the most beautiful women in their lives as the second Sunday of May approaches. 

Have you started prepping for Mother’s Day email campaigns? Today, I am going to share a few tips on how you can run a successful campaign around this occasion and make it a win-win situation for your subscribers as well:

#1 Set Your Mother’s Day Campaign Goals And Plan Accordingly

Like any other campaign, you need to put your facts straight before you start designing your Mother’s Day email templates and overall strategy. To begin with, the ideal ticket size that you should look forward to shouldn’t be guesswork. Your success depends on how your pitch and products/services fit in their budgets. An average American spends $204.74 on Mother’s day gifts. 

Now that you know about your subscriber’s spending ballpark, you should pick products accordingly and push for relevant deals that will bring in fast conversions. You can use your previous sales data and email metrics to figure out what works best for your Mother’s Day campaigns and how your subscriber’s list engages with different marketing approaches.

#2 Sprinkle Thoughtfulness On Your Subject Lines

It is no secret that your readers will receive tonnes of promotional offers from almost every brand they have ever subscribed to. This makes it necessary to send beautifully crafted subject lines and preheader text to make sure that you get a decent open rate. 

I find that instead of using a marketing-heavy tone or being upfront about the offers, it is better to sprinkle a pinch full of thoughtfulness for your Mother’s Day email subject lines. Here’s an example of doing it right coming straight from Dunkin Donuts mated with the below HTML email template:

“Celebrate Mother’s Day 🎉 with twice the cards!”

Staying honest and showing warmth work well for most of the brands, and I feel that it’s the best strategy for these occasions when people are already willing to spend.

#3 Align Your Email Copy With Your Products For Organic Conversions

When working on email copywriting for Mother’s Day, don’t go overboard. You don’t need to give your creative brain cells too much exercise and keep it simple, just like the subject lines. You can simply pick the most popular products and wrap them in a piece of convincing copy that resonates with the occasion. Try to keep it as short as possible and illustrate how the products can make your subscriber’s Mom happy. 

Stick with emotional responses of them using your products and avoid digging into any technicalities. You can narrow down the product range in the subsequent messages if you find that a particular product category is performing better than others. Below, we can see how Apple carried forward its philosophy of desophisticated marketing:

#4 Pay Extra Attention To Personalization And Segmentation

Things can get tricky as you won’t like to approach a person whose mother has passed away a long time ago as it may end up hurting their sentiments. However, reminding them of their Mom and cherishing their memory will have the exact opposite reaction in most cases. Thus, when going for such intimate occasions, it is necessary for email marketers to put extra emphasis on personalization and segmentation, the two most successful email marketing strategies applied. 

This also helps with placing the right products in the content blocks with price ranges that resonate with the subscriber’s purchase intent and spending capacity. I am putting below an example of curating different products with varying prices within a Mother’s Day email template for your consideration:

#5 Use Beautifully Crafted Email Templates 

I have been discussing going minimal on sales copy and being too loud, but here’s where you need to spend your energy: Creating alluring email templates. Be smart with your choice of color palettes, as you might want to go with a fresh one. Just ensure that the branding elements merge flawlessly with it. You can experiment with content block layout, but I do find that sticking with at most three products is desirable. 

There can be exceptions, though, but your competitors might have sent similar messages, which could ultimately overwhelm the reader. Again, focus on rich multimedia and give your emails a warm, inclusive, and engaging feel. Also, it should be consistent throughout your campaign, which comprises three to five emails in most cases. I find the below emailer from Everlane as one of the best Mother’s Day message for the impact it makes on our minds:

Wrap Up

Coming towards the end, I would like to summarize the formula for a successful Mother’s Day email campaign: Simple, full of warmth, personalized, and in tune with your brand. Stick with these tips, and I am pretty optimistic that your efforts will meet great success and make this Mother’s Day truly special for every member of your email subscriber list.

Author Bio:

Kevin George is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the largest Email Templates production company which specializes in converting PSD to email templates. He loves gadgets, bikes, jazz, and breathes ‘email marketing’. He is a brand magician who loves to engage and share insights with fellow marketers.

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