Martial arts betting strategies

To make money on martial arts, the types of bets must be used wisely. For this, professional bettors use various strategies that make it possible to catch a high coefficient, but risk less money.

Now we will list the main martial arts betting strategies, and then we will tell you how to use them in such a way that even if you lose, you quickly cover expenses and earn even more.

Exact outcome betting strategy

The simplest strategy: we analyze the fight and bet on the fighter whose probability of winning is the highest. But in order to place a bet, you need to find as much information about the fight as possible. What exactly to look for, we will tell a little later.

Early win betting strategy

We bet that one of the two fighters will win by knockout or in any other way, without waiting for the end of the fight. Most often, this strategy works in meetings of athletes with an open style of fighting, and the greater the weight of the participants, the higher the likelihood that the fight will end ahead of schedule.

Betting strategy against the favorite for individual rounds

We bet in on the victory of the underdog, but not in the entire fight, but in a separate round. Although the favorites win most often, they won’t beat the opponent for several rounds in a row, and he will never score more points than his opponent. The more rounds in a duel, the higher the probability that at least one of them will be taken by an outsider of the meeting.

Choosing a strategy

Most experienced players use the “Flat” financial strategy to bet on martial arts. According to its rules, for each bet you need to spend the same amount or percentage of the bank – the money that you have allocated for betting. “Flat” is of three types, you can use whatever you want:

  • Fixed amount. You make any bet for the same amount, it does not necessarily depend on the size of the pot;
  • Percentage of the starting bank. Put a percentage of the initial amount on the account: for example, replenish the account for three thousand and decide to spend 3% – now you make any bet for ninety rubles;
  • Interest from the current bank. Put a percentage of the amount that is in the account at the moment: for example, 3% of three thousand will be ninety rubles, but when there are four thousand in the bank, the rate will increase to one hundred and twenty rubles.

You can bet “Flat” on favorites, and on outsiders, and according to any strategy that we described above. But in some cases it is better to use the catch-up.

Catching up strategy

Place a bet, but if she loses, spend enough money on the next bet to cover expenses and earn even more. You can use the classic catch-up – the Martingale strategy, in which you need to choose odds of at least 2 and double the bet size after each defeat:

Since players who play catch-up may face a martial arts line betting limit, we advise starting with a small amount. Regular or classic catch-up is ideal for betting against the favorite in every round. You can start already from the second or third round: if you see that the underdog did not swim at the beginning, this is already good.

Surebet betting strategy

Bookmakers offer different odds for the same outcome. This happens because the offices evaluate the chances of athletes differently, and the players put different amounts of money on them – that’s the odds jump.

A bookmaker’s surebet is when you bet on all available outcomes in different offices, depending on which odds are higher: you bet on the victory of the first athlete in one, and on the victory of the second – in another. And no matter what rate passes, you will still earn on the difference in quotes.

Today, the Internet is full of free services that are constantly looking for surebets. The only thing that is required of you is to calculate how much to bet on each bet in the surebet, according to the formula P=(1÷K÷B)×C, where P means the bet size, K is the coefficient, B is the value of the surebet (it is always less than units), and C – how much you are willing to spend on all bets.

Value Betting Strategy

Value bets are those for which the bookmaker offers an inflated odds. At least when you think so. For example, you have analyzed a fight and think that the boxer will win with a probability of 70% (odds 1÷70×100=1.42), and the bookmaker gives odds of 1.69 (probability 1÷1.69×100=59%).

If your athlete really wins, it will turn out that the office gave you a higher odds and let you win more than it cost. You don’t have to look for value bets on your own: they are often offered by the same services that pick surebets, although it is not known how they decide that this is a value bet.

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