Major Reasons for Oil and Gas Accidents

Oil and gas workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Well, they have families waiting for them at their homes but they risk their lives every day for their jobs. Out of which many of them face numerous accidents, both minor and major.

It is important to train employees how to work around hazardous elements and also the trainer must be responsible for the proper understanding of his subordinates. It’s not an everyday corporate job, but a matter of life and death. As per a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 4.2 percent of oil and gas workers are hurt on an annual basis.

When workers attain knowledge about the types of oil and gas accidents and how they are caused, they will be more alert while working on the field. Therefore, accidents can be avoided. In case of any accident, it is advised to hire the best oil and gas accident attorneys

However, they can always be avoided by understanding the major reasons behind it. So, let us have a look at a few reasons.

Reasons for oil and gas accidents

  • Unqualified workers 

Many times the organization employs weak, unqualified, and inexperienced  workers in the company as they charge less wages and work for a higher number of hours. This often leads to accidents since they do not know how to handle the heavy and technical equipment.

  • Improperly stored chemicals or substances

Many times it has been seen that a startup firm steps into the market without having proper knowledge about the equipment or discovering a safe place to store it. This leads to negligence in safe storage and therefore leads to accidents.

  • Gas leaks 

As seen above, organizations go beyond their means to employ unworthy candidates with little or no knowledge about technicality just to save money and earn profit. What the organization doesn’t understand is that it might cost someone’s life. When they invest into cheap equipment, it gets destroyed easily and gas gets easily leaked. In such situations, oil and gas accident attorneys can be contacted to win the case against the organization. 

  • High Pressure in wells

Oil and gas is stored in cylindrical equipment, where they are maintained at a certain pressure to maintain their inflammability and keep them available at usable circumstances. If the pressure is not maintained well, it will cause serious damage just like when a pressure cooker is set on a gas top for too long, it bursts.                          

  • Improper used equipment

We live in a society where technology is changing every day and coming up with everything better and relatively much easier and safer to use. But amidst all these safety measures, there are organizations that use outdated machinery and equipment just because they do not want to spend more money. This often lends to mishaps. 

  • Careless behaviour by employees

There is often training involved before the employee starts with his day to day work. The employee is specifically taught about the do’s and don’ts. But if the employee still ignores everything the trainee has to say and pulls off careless acts like smoking, not using proper protection or maintaining certain protocol, it could lead to an accident at the field. 


While working in such a dangerous situation, it is very important to keep all the instructions in mind and give all your attention to where you are working. If you miss even a single detail, an unfortunate incident could take place. If by any chance any mishap takes place, the organization should make sure to contact oil and gas accident attorneys who specialise in numerous cases and fields of relative information.

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