Made to Serve: Use These PDFBear Features for Your Needs

PDFBear is online software that allows people to convert, compress, repair, unlock, protect, add watermark, or even rotate their PDFs. This platform is always available to help you anywhere you are in the world. If you want to use some of its features, below are the tips and steps in using them.

PDF to Word

When you are loaded with tasks, but you can’t seem to finish one job because it is repetitive, and the best example is copying the content of a PDF file into a Word document. The task might sound easy, but too much time will be spent, which makes it impractical. If that’s the case for you, you need to use a conversion tool to help you.

The good thing is that PDFBear is capable of offering its PDF conversion tool to its users. You can easily use the PDF to Word online feature to convert your PDFs in less than a minute. There will be no hassle, and you can still use your remaining time for other essential matters. With that, below is the simple process:

  1. Drag the PDF document into PDFBear’s conversion box.
  2. This online tool will now begin converting your document.
  3. The process is complete in a while.
  4. After the first three steps, start downloading the Word file.

Add Watermark

Whenever you want to tell people on the internet that something is yours, you need to add watermarks to those things. If you don’t want others to steal or claim something that’s not from them but yours, it only fits that you should put watermarks on your videos, photos, and essential files. If you wish to use a tool that can add watermarks to your files, PDFBear can offer that tool.

If you use the “Add Watermark” tool from this platform, you are allowed to insert the watermark of your desire superimposed into the PDF documents without any problem. There are also multiple ways that you can choose to add those watermarks to your PDFs, which makes it more fun. PDFBear supports more functions besides this tool. Besides, you should check out more PDFBear tools on the website.

Start adding text to your PDFs as your watermark in less than one minute. Users are also allowed to edit the transparency or typography of any watermark if they need to. If you don’t like adding text as your watermark, you can use a picture instead. With that, here’s the easy process of adding watermarks to your documents:

  1. Choose and drag the file that you wish to edit and add a watermark to.
  2. Select the picture or type in the text as your watermark.
  3. Pick the watermark position before you start the process.
  4. After the changes are applied to your document, download it immediately.

Compress PDF

Today, many people have fun exploring and searching for the stuff they need on the internet, but have you experienced having a large and not allowed to upload it? There are multiple cloud storage sites on the web, like Google Drive or Dropbox, which you can use for some reasons. Uploading your files to the mentioned storage sites is no problem, and they support the uploading of files ranging from 1MB to 1GB.

Your documents might not be allowed to be uploaded because they don’t meet the file size limitation. But with the help of PDFBear’s compress PDF feature, you can shrink the file size of any documents for you to upload them into different websites without any hassle. There is multiple online software that can compress documents but can’t maintain the processed files’ quality. But if you use this online tool, your documents are squeezed into their smallest size without compromising or sacrificing the quality.

Start using this online software now and process your files with ease. Besides the mentioned advantages, this online tool can compress your PDFs safely and securely. Why is that? Because it won’t leave any traces of your files, and they are deleted after an hour. Pretty convenient, right? If you need to compress your files right now, below are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select the “Choose Files” button and pick the documents that you wish to compress. Users can also drag them into the toolbox.
  2. Choose the available option.
  3. PDFBear will start analyzing and compressing the files.
  4. After the compression process, you can now download the file to your computer.


When you need something to help you organize your PDF documents, you can always count on the features provided by PDFBear. These tools are easy to use, and users will not be required to register or download software. You can also access PDFBear on different operating systems, browsers, mobile devices, or computers.

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