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Influencer Marketing: The Art of Working With Creators

Influencer marketing has gained popularity only in recent years but it has been proven to be one of the most successful marketing tools when it comes to marketing strategies in the online world. This industry is booming, with more and more brands investing in influencer campaigns thanks to their success.

Influencer marketing agencies offer campaign creations and influencer collaborations as part of their influencer marketing services, but what does it mean to work with creators? Below we gathered all the information you need to get started.

1. Determine your goals

As a brand, your number one goal for using influencers in your campaigns should be to reach your target audience and engage with your existing ones. Although driving sales is top on your list, you should consider brand awareness first, as the rest will follow: an influencer usually has a very engaged audience who trusts their choices as far as products and consumption goes. Data shows that 62% of consumers are likely to purchase a product after seeing their favourite influencer talk about it or use it.

2. Evaluate and select the right influencers

The influencer you will choose for your campaign needs to be an extension of your brand: the voice and the face of it. Things to consider when selecting the influencer to work with are engagement, audience interaction, authenticity, or the nature of posts. Although the number of followers helps, it does not have to be key criteria for your choice- think quality over quantity.

3. Allow influencers to have their creative freedom

To create quality content, influencers need time and also, because they know their audience, it’s important to let them voice their opinions about the campaign or even come up with ideas. This will drive engagement and implicitly, raise brand awareness.

4. The importance of micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have 10,000 to 100,000 followers, which means that they have a loyal community. This is mainly because they focus on a specific niche or industry key to authentic engagement and followers.

5. Measure your results

Despite its effectiveness, calculating the Return on Investment(ROI) is probably one of the trickiest parts when executing an influencer campaign. This is because rather than monetized goods, the ROI means brand perception, awareness, user reach and engagement.


Influencer marketing works because it talks to the audience(mainly GenZ and millennials) in a natural and trustworthy way, creating a dialogue, which is so important even on online platforms. Working with creators is the best way to raise brand and product awareness and leveraging the knowledge and expertise of an influencer marketing agency ensures that you use the right influencer marketing services to get ahead of the game.

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