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When we pass through rice fields or certain plant gardens, there must be someone who has seen aluminum plastic or plastic in other forms that cover the plants but there are holes large enough for the plants to be touched by the sun. And nowadays, most of us often hear the word plastic mulch, or even some people often hear the word. Please note, plastic mulch itself is a type of plastic that is in great demand. Mulch is a plastic cover on the top surface of plants using organic materials or plastic sheets. The plastic is known as mulch, more precisely, is plastic mulch. Mulch is a layer of material used by farmers on plants to obtain maximum yields. Therefore, in Indonesia there are already several Indonesia Mulch Plastic Factory and Exporters, considering how potential this sector is.

In general, farmers in Indonesia mostly use plastic mulch for plants, but in reality mulch is not only made of plastic. As we know, plastic mulch not only functions as a cover for cultivated plants, but also functions to maintain soil moisture and suppress the growth rate of weeds and diseases that often arise, so that plants can grow well. In addition, mulch can also be permanent like wood chips, or sometimes temporary like ordinary plastic mulch.

In order to increase the use of mulch technology for horticultural crops, the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) through the Director General of Horticulture, Suwandi came to visit one of the mulch-producing factories in Surabaya. The factory produces LLDPE Black Silver Plastic Mulch. And is also one of the Indonesia Mulch Plastic Factory and Exporters which is quite respected in the industry.

Farmers are no stranger to plastic mulch being used in the tropics for agriculture on chilies, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries and flower cabbage. This plastic mulch is good for various vegetable and fruit plants. This is a good infrastructure

If we compare it with conventional cultivation, the use of plastic mulch has many benefits to maintain soil moisture, reduce evapotranspiration, suppress weed development, reduce fertilizer loss due to evaporation, suppress pest development, increase sunlight intensity, and reduce surface water flow.

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He also said that this plastic mulch is called silver black because it consists of these two colors. The silver layer is at the top, while the black layer is at the bottom. Moreover, plastic mulch with a silver color at the top can provide benefits as a reflector of sunlight. So with the reflection of the sun’s light behind this, the photosynthesis process will be even more optimal. The condition of the plants, will also not be too humid so as to reduce disease and repel annoying insects such as Thrips and Aphids.

Meanwhile, the black color placed at the bottom is able to absorb heat so that the temperature at the roots becomes warmer. That way, the roots will develop optimally. The use of black is also claimed to be able to prevent sunlight from penetrating into the soil so that it can suppress weed growth.

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