Important things to notice while shipping a car

If you are moving to another country or state taking your car along is a wise decision. However, you cannot drive your vehicle through the roadways as it will be both exhausting and time consuming. Hiring car shipping companies is the best solution to ensure your vehicle reaches your new address safe and undamaged. While you can completely trust the experts of a car shipping company, there are a few things you must know about moving your car.

For all those who are planning to move and have a vehicle to take along, here are a few important things that you must notice this article on shipping cars enclosed:

Reading reviews can help:

One of the first things that you must notice about a company you are hiring to move your vehicle is reading their online reviews. Yes, user reviews offer you the first-hand picture of the company and its operating policies. The customers love to write their true experiences and there are hundreds of them available online.

Know the method of transportation:

There are two key methods to transport a vehicle. Your car can be transported in an open trailer or a closed one. If you chose open trailer transportation, your car will be exposed to a range of elements such as road debris and weather. Moreover, your vehicle is also exposed to damage and theft. On the other hand, closed trailer transportation is rather safe as the vehicle is loaded on a closed trailer, well packed and sealed from all four sides. Never forget to ask the vehicle sipping company about their mode of transportation.

Deposits raise red flags

If your auto transport company is asking for an advance deposit, consider it as a red flag. The most reputed companies will never ask you for an advance payment but will demand payment either at the drop off or pick up of the vehicle. By paying at the time when the service is being rendered, the customer gets the idea about the quality of service.

Insurance is of utmost importance:

You must always ask you’re transported about the insurance they offer. A reliable moving company will offer you an insurance certificate. Some of the common inclusions in the insurance include liability, workers compensation, limit of the cargo, and deductible if any.

Get the transportation scheduled right:

Auto transport companies entertain a range of customers and request a window period for scheduling your transport. This is done to ensure that the work is efficiently performed by each one of the staff members. The window period can be anywhere between a week to 10 days. It is important that you know he schedule of the transport before you book. The moving company considers a lot of points while deciding the schedule period including weather, distance, road conditions and traffic on the particular routes.

Consider price, but be flexible

Often, car owners tend to fall for a cheap shipping price. It is well understood that moving costs can make you anxious and you will jump on any offer that you find affordable. Sadly, this rule is not applicable on car shipping costs. Moving a vehicle is a tedious task and there are a lot of preparations that the movers need to do to ensure your vehicle is safely transported. While you are hunting for an auto transport company, do not base your decision on price alone. Instead, consider other factors such as the reputation of the company, insurance they offer, their license as well as users reviews.

Inspect the car before you move it:

It is very important for you to inspect the car before you move. Self –inspection won’t work as there are certain technical aspects that need to be considered. You can hire a mechanic and ask them to inspect your car. Make sure you tell them that you are preparing the car for a long-distance move. The mechanic would check various aspects of the car and ensure that it can be safely transported on a trailer to another state or country.

Prepare your car:

The best auto transport company will offer you a detailed checklist to prepare your car for a long distance move. Make sure you follow all the points and prepare your car accordingly. From moving your personal items to emptying the gas tank, there are a lot of tasks you need to do. Anything inside your car that is pf perishable nature must be removed to ensure that there is no damage to the interior neither a foul smell when you open your car after delivery at the new address. Also make sure you keep all the original documents of the car with you to claim the ownership if in case something goes wrong during the transport or with the auto shipping company.

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