Hunting Red Stag on the South Island of New Zealand

You have reached the right place if you plan to go red stag hunting in New Zealand. But before all of that, you must ensure that you have suitable clothing and equipment for the hunting terrain and climate in New Zealand.

One can encounter a sudden weather change in the forest or high mountains because mountains surround New Zealand. Maritime conditions heavily influence its climate, and the weather fluctuates throughout the year.

Due to the challenging terrain, it is recommended to have a good fitness level as you’ll be traversing hillsides, dropping over mountains, and moving through streams to find your trophy stag.

When should one visit New Zealand for Stag Hunting?

The first question that one asks while going for a New Zealand stag hunt is when should we go? The answer to that question is that you can hunt any big red stag at any time of year. But it is best to visit March before it gets too chilly and before the “Roar.”

The Roar is one of the most popular times to hunt red stag. Around Roar season, the government cordons the particular area. It generally begins around the middle of March and is done to limit the access for hunters to specific blocks of land.

What to pack when planning New Zealand hunting trips in stag hunting season?

Let us look at a few essential things you should pack before going on New Zealand hunting trips.

  1. Ensure that you pack an excellent windproof and waterproof shell layer to protect yourself from the changing weather.
  2. Packing Camouflage-patterned clothing is advantageous when hunting but is not essential. You can also wear dull greens, browns, or olive if you don’t have camouflage hunting clothes.
  3. Most of the hunting is spot and stalk. So, it is recommended to have a good pair of binoculars for spotting animals. You can get binoculars with 10*40s.
  4. Packing with a solid pair of boots is essential. Boots with good ankle support and a firm sole with a good grip are essential. It is required for steeper conditions found on the South Island.
  5. You prefer to wear heavily insulated coats or jackets, as the weather is freezing when you trek up the hill. Wearing these will make you comfortable during the chilly nights and mornings. You can also strip off a layer or two if you feel hot or as the temperature rises.

Red Stag Hunt New Zealand offers the best hunting experience to tourists. For the hunt, it is recommended to have firearms with a flat-shooting caliber such as a .300 Winchester magnum, which can work fine with the range of species and terrain found in New Zealand. But before you bring firearms or ammunition to New Zealand, one must have a visitor’s firearms license. Complete your application in advance to ensure no issues while enjoying your trip.

After the hunt to get your meat out of New Zealand, you will have to complete some legal forms, which are an absolute necessity. This certificate will help the government officials to confirm the origin and kind of meat you have.


Hunting on the South Island of New Zealand is a lifetime trip that everyone remembers. But there are a few things that one should consider before planning a hunt. You should always be equipped with warm clothes as the temperature on the hills can be freezing for some, and make sure that you have binoculars for a better view and hunt from a long distance. Having camouflage clothes is unnecessary, but it’s good if you have those.

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