How to Steep your e-liquid

What does it is mean to steep e-liquid?

Vapers use a certain liquid substance that they put into a vape pen, which gives vaping its flavor> This substance is e-liquid or e-juice. People who happen to have years of experience in vaping like to steep e-liquid. Steeping is a method vapers use to infuse e-juice flavors. The process of steeping takes a while. This blog helps you know how to steep your e-liquid. There are four methods used;

  • Natural method of steeping(Give the e-liquid time)
  • Shake the bottle to speed up the steeping process of e-liquid
  • Bath method of warming the bottle
  • Other speeding methods

Giving time to steeping

The first step is to mix your e-liquid, seal and place the e-liquid bottles in a dark space such as; cigar box or cupboard for a certain period. The reason for this is simple; steeping in direct sunshine rays makes the nicotine and flavor lose potency. Vapers claim that this method helps to give time to the e-liquid for chemical reactions to take place. The process may go on for two to three weeks, depending on the taste you need to achieve.

Speeding up the process of steeping

Shaking the e-liquid bottle

Once the e-liquid is in a dark place, you need to spare some time to shake the bottle to help speed up the chemical reaction. The most efficient way to do this is by shaking the e-liquid a bit, giving it time to settle for a few hours, then repeat shaking the bottle and allow it to breathe.

Warming up the e-liquid bottle

Some people will enjoy taking the natural flavor that the e-liquid has without steeping. However, if you are a fan of experimenting with tricks in the vaping world, steeping is a method to try out. Since it needs quality time for the process to be complete, there are few tips to help you speed up the molecule reaction.

One of the most efficient methods is the bathing process. Use a container that fits the amount of e-juice you are steeping. Fill the container with warm water. Seal the e-liquid bottles with polythene bags and keep them in the water. Give the bottles adequate time to continue steeping.

Keep checking the water to ensure it remains warm by replacing the cold water with warm water. Vapers prefer using glass bottles as they are good conductors of heat hence can sustain heat longer than plastic bottles.

Seed steeping

Some vapers speed up their e-liquid steeping by submerging raw seeds into already steeped e-juice. Placing fresh seeds into e-liquid allows it to settle and respiration to occur. The absorbed water speeds up enzymatic action.

Ultrasonic cleaner for vibration

Vapers who do steeping on their own have ultrasonic cleaner for vape gear and speeding up the chemical reaction of the e-liquid. First, fill the ultrasonic cleaner with warm water, place your bottles of e-juice in it and give it time. The ultrasonic power waves make the bottles vibrate just like the shaking method; therefore, they will allow the e-juice molecules to blend faster.

Slow cooker method

As the name suggests, slow cookers provide low heat at a constant temperature. In the same process, fill the slow cooker with water and adjust it to low heat. Seal the e-liquid bottles with a plastic bag and keep them in the cooker. You can keep shaking the bottles after hours to enable the molecules to mix quickly.


Steeping e-liquid for the right amount of time converts the original taste of the e-juice to a stronger flavor, hence flourishes your whole experience of vaping. If you are a lover of DIY e-juice or buying them in stores, you can try out steeping the liquid and you will never regret it.



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